Bauer’s Entourage

Bauer Hinsman

Bauer Hinsman

Our Dog Bauer has personal staff and he wanted me to share their contact information with you all today.  We had a lovely visit with Dr. Lee Herzig DVM this morning:

Lee J. Herzig DVM

Full Circle Holistic Veterinary Clinic

81 Belmont Ave.

Belfast, ME 04915


Dr. Herzig is a calm, patient doctor with many years of experience in large, traditional practices and now runs a small practice in Belfast.  He offers a wide range of treatment modalities including: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Vaccinations (but not too many! 😉 ), Herbal and Nutritional therapies, Cancer Treatments, Dental and Prolotherapy.  

The office is calm, quiet and never overbooked.  He is one of very few veterinarians in the midcoast who is open minded about nutrition and vaccine protocol.  He doesn’t push a certain brand of food (Hill’s Science Diet-ahem!)…in fact, he doesn’t even sell it!  

So, if you would love to have someone on your side for feeding great food, visit Full Circle!

Bauer would also like you to know about a wonderful place called Portland Veterinary Specialists.  His favorite person in the whole world is Dr. Sarah Noble.  She and Dr. Kern have both done wonderful work with Bauer during his recent cancer diagnosis.  


Telephone: (207) 780-0271

Fax: 780-0272

2255 Congress Street, 
Portland, Maine 04102

Non Urgent E-mails:





  1. Cutter said

    Ar-rah! Rrrr ra, rooo. Rrrrrrr.

    Translation: Hi, Bauer! It’s so nice to see you and hear you are playing and feeling good again.

  2. Angelica said

    Thank you for sharing Bauer. I too really like Dr. Noble and of course Dr. Herzig. Both helped my Gunny fight that nasty cancer monster and never gave up. Hang in there buddy, you have a lot of people rooting for ya 🙂

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