Frequent Buyer Program

As many of you know, we have the BEST Frequent Buyer Program around!  This post will explain the program and how you can take advantage of it!

1.  Set up an account with us, in person.  We will create the account under your pets’ names and take your zip code.  Any other information (i.e. email, address) is strictly optional, but certainly encouraged.

2.  Purchase anything in the store. Each pre-tax dollar is equal to one point.  When you reach one hundred points, our computer system will automatically generate a gift certificate.

That’s it!  There are three spending levels.  The first one hundred points earns a $5.00 Gift Certificate, the next earns $ 10.00, and finally $15.00.  That’s THIRTY dollars back for every $300.00 spent.  Essentially, you end up earning 10% of all purchases back.  These gift certificates have no expiration date and you may use them when you feel so inclined.  Most customers use them as they are dispensed, but some people like to save them and put them towards a luxury item, like a bed or a fancy collar!

You can earn points from ANY purchase,  not just dry food.  That means that every little can, every little treat goes toward your account.

Stop by Monday-Friday, 10-6 and Saturday 10-4 to get started!

Let’s follow up the boring post with a video of a very bored cat…


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  1. Hannah said

    Does it make me a dork to be all excited about this? I will have to bring Apollo in for a visit soon, and set up an account!

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