Chicken Breast Treat Recall


Chicken Breast Jerky Treat Caution!



 Ahhhh, RECALL! The dreaded word. The year 2007 was riddled with recalls in the Pet Food Industry. The primary ingredient at blame was Melamine from China. It is basically a sneaky way to boost protein. Many of the companies affected were and still are wonderful companies!

Unfortunately, there has been another recall for dehydrated chicken breast treats coming from China. Again, nothing in our store is affected by this recall. However, we have elected to discontinue selling Dogswell Jerky Treats. They are a wonderful seller, but they are manufactured in China. This is our last Food Product from China, so we are somewhat relieved to announce this. Here is the link for the full disclosure from Dogswell. Many of you have expressed concern over not having access to this treat because your doggies love it so much. We will certainly special order this line for you at no additional charge, but we are no longer comfortable carrying this product. We will continue to stock their dry and canned food lines which are entirely sourced in the USA. If this changes, we will pull the stock immediately and notify anyone with this line in their purchase history (another solid reason to join our frequent buyer program).

Carrying products from China has just become too risky. We are in high gear to eliminate the last few items. This limits our inventory abilities substantially, but we are up to the challenge! We have already found an American made dehydrated chicken breast treat. Obviously, this will be more expensive, but you can have some peace of mind!

Many of our customers, much to my dismay, continue to purchase dog and cat treats at Wal-Mart and other similar places. I am perfectly aware of the price difference. Please, please think twice before doing this next time! Here is a short list of current products on the watch list:

1.Smokehouse Chicken Breast Tenders
Sold at PetSmart

2.Waggin Train Jerky Tenders

3.Bestro Roasted Chicken Jerky Strips
Sold at Wal-Mart; recalled August 2007

4.Kingdom Pets Chicken Jerky
Sold at Costco

I know that we can’t offer prices that compete with the big box stores, but we can offer you something that they cannot… We actually care about your dogs and kitties! Sure, we know their name and which collar they look best in, but we are truly concerned about their long term health and quality of life.

The real question is: Expensive Dog Treats? Or REALLY expensive Vet Visit?


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