Simone, Charlie and Jasper

Today’s Dog (and Cat) of the Blog award goes to….

Simone, Charlie and Jasper

of Rockland 


Jasper, Simone, Charlie

Jasper, Simone, Charlie

Parents: Jenilyn Johnson-Mom and Neil is their “parent”, care-taker and alpha male

Names:  Simone D., Charlie Bird, Jasper 

How we met: Both dogs are pet shop dogs from the DC Metro area. Simone is from Laurel, MD and Charlie is from a pet store across from the Huntington Metro stop in Alexandria, VA. They are from puppy mills probably, so I assume that is why they are slightly nuts and have anxiety and nervousness. Jasper was brought to us by a friend that couldn’t have another cat in their home-he instantly fit right in with the other two. Most people were afraid my dogs would kill my new kitten, but they were very accepting and were curious about him. He kept jumping his seperation and “getting to know you” fence to get to them. He’s never been afriad of either dogs.
Ages:  Simone is 7. Charlie is 6. Jasper isn’t a year old yet.
Favorite Treats:  Anything I give them they love and if they don’t, they spit it out on the floor and stare at me.
Favorite Foods: The dogs eat Orijen. The cat is very pickly. The Dogs will eat anyting. The cat won’t eat salmon in any form. He prefers birds, mice, and moles from the yard and brings them to us on a regular basis.
Special Tricks: It is hard to teach two dogs tricks because they compete with each other for food. It is getting better though. Charlie guards his food as if someone is going to take it away. He is the best lap dog and will let you hold him as long as you want. Simone is a big dog in a small dogs body, so she wants to go out and run in the snow, but her feet get too cold.  Jasper does somersaults around Charlie’s mid-section and likes to hang over him like a piece of furniture. Charlie likes attention, so he loves it.
Where they sleep:  All of them sleep in a big lump behind our couch, on their own big bed in front of the woodstove. Simone is weird about her sleeping spot, so I tried getting another smaller bed for her. The guys keep getting into it. 
Pet Peeves (human perspective):  I don’t have any pet peeves about them. I do have pet peeves about other pet owners. I do wish they, the dogs and the people, would calm down a little and come into our tiny home without a huge fuss. We want to improve Simone’s overall health-the allergy issue and the cherry eye. I hate it when people look at me like I abuse my dog and that is why she has cherry eye. It appeared one day and it is expensive to fix. Jasper likes to go outside and sit on the steps at 3 am, only to be let in 5 minutes later- so we have to wait for him.







Thanks to Jenilyn and Neil for being such loyal customers.  (even though is mean to us for being fans of a certain baseball team) 😉


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