Table Scraps… The Truth Revealed!

Hi Loyal Readers!  Welcome back to the Biscuit Blog.  Tonight we are discussing “people food”.  Tonight’s post is brought to you by Maddi Young, a fabulous pug who LOVES Pumpkin! Maddi is going to be featured as a Dog of the Blog as soon as she has time for the formal interview…She’s extremely busy and important!  


Maddi Young

Maddi Young



It always cracks me up when a new customer proudly announces, “My dog never gets people food!”.  I am forever perplexed by this absolutist approach to dog nutrition.  I always encourage people to LIFT THE BAN ON TABLE SCRAPS by feeding whole, healthy foods along with the dogs’ primary source of nutrition, be it raw, cooked, dry or canned.  

To be clear, we’re not telling you to give your dog pizza crust!  That’s a big no-no.  However, you can be very liberal with your use of healthy meats, dairy and vegetables in your pup’s diet.  

For safety’s sake, we will start with a list of things to avoid:


-Garlic (in excess, a little is fine…beneficial even!)

-Grapes and Raisins

-Chocolate of any kind, dark chocolate is the most dangerous

-Wheat, corn (we know that already) This means no PIZZA CRUST OR PASTA OR HAMBURGER BUNS

-Refined sugars of any kind.  This means NO ICE CREAM!  It isn’t cute.  Yoghund is fine.


Photo by PortlandGat

Photo by PortlandGat


Now, the fun part!  Here is the list of things you can and often should, add to your dog’s regular feedings.  This foods are loaded with nutrition, good fats and antioxidants…

-Root vegetables:  Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, etc.  (White potatoes are fine for most dogs, but some dogs may have an allergic response, so if you aren’t sure just skip it! )  Chop, then steam or lightly boil, then mash or puree in the food processor or by hand.  I usually do this in large batches and store in the fridge so it is always ready 

-Leafy greens: Kale, Spinach, Collards.  Lightly steam and add to your root veggies in the food processor

-Squashes:  Any and all, including pumpkins.  This can also be steamed and pureed with roots and greens

-Baked, steamed or boiled meat and fish:  Even if you are feeding completely raw or prey model, it doesn’t hurt to throw in some baked chicken in to the mix.  This also makes a great filler for Kongs and Canine Geniuses.  If you serve fish, leave the skin off.  

-Oils: Flax, Fish.  We use combination of these oils in our home, but the focus is on fish oils.  Look for small body fish oils with low or no heavy metals.  We love Spectrum Brand.  

-Plain, unsweetened yogurt:  We like Oikos and Fage Greek Style Yogurts.  

-Eggs: These can be served raw, or scrambled, etc. with or without the crushed shell

These are just a few of the many wonderful and healthy foods you can safely incorporate into your pooch’s diet.  Have a great night!



  1. Angelica said

    People are horrified when I feed Leo food from the table and annoyed that he begs for it. What exactly is “human” food? Good dog food is made of meat and veggies, same thing we eat. Walmart dog food is made from road kill, other dogs and melamine.

  2. Hannah said

    Is there a reason–other than sparkly dog poo in the yard the next day, lol–to leave the skin off of the fish you feed? We have done it for years without issue but I will stop if it’s harmful.

  3. Ashley and Prudence said

    I may sound a little silly by asking this question, but curiosity and the skepticism behind the answers I get from a google search have lead me to ask: what exactly is the benefit to feeding a dog egg, besides it being a good source of protein?

  4. Lauren said

    Raw Eggs contain amino acids which are of some value to dogs, in addition to the protein. It is not something you want to give every day, as there can be negative effects. Twice a week is plenty. If you are uncomfortable giving raw egg, then scramble or lightly poach the egg and cool before serving. Egg is also a great little calorie booster for a mother dog or a dog who has been starved.

    As for fish skin, I have no idea why it is discouraged and there seems to be some debate on this topic (online). I personally don’t think it is a huge issue but I can’t recommend it.

  5. Pop said

    This was your best entry ever. I am so glad you take the approach that can allow our pets to enjoy having a small portion of “people food” it is so fun to have them at the table. As for the people who seem annoyed. Who cares. P-Pop says Rock On.

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