Finn Shepard-McGlashan of Spruce Head

Today’s Dog of the Blog award goes to….





AGE Somewhere between 1 and 2 years old, I’

m banking on closer to 1 year old

BREED: White German Shepherd, Chinook, Lab, German Short Haired Pointer, Spaniel of some sort, pit bull, Great Dane, if you tell me what you think he is, I’ll say “OK!”

, but basically we have no clue!

Owners/Guardians/Favorite people: Jess Shepard, and DMAC. Favorite people… all women (he is quite the lady’

s man), but in reality he is much more interested in playing with other dogs, and does not pay that much attention to people unless they have treats.

How you met: We meet via Petfinder, where I saw another dog’s picture from Lucky Pup Rescue in Kennebunkport.  So I contacted them, and sat on the contract for a month to make sure that this is what Jess and I wanted.  After sending the contract back in, the original dog was adopted, and I was told Finn loves water, and is a great dog.  Finn was being fostered in Bath, so the Friday before Thanksgiving, Jess and I drove down, and picked him up for a slumber party.  After about a hour with him at home, Jess said that he could not go back to Bath and Finn must now stay with us forever…

Favorite Treats: Cheese, Zukes Cranberry Z-ridge bones, Zukes Z-Filets, frozen cranberries, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, pumpkin and ice cubes

Favorite Food: Primal raw nuggets

Favorite activities: Playing Chase, running in the snow and diving into snow banks, Frisbee, Merry Spring Dog Park, morning runs, and belly rubs

Where he sleeps: He starts every night on the floor on his own bed, but every night at sometime between 2 and 5 he sneaks up into our bed, and curls up at the foot of it

Tricks: looking cute and acting good in public so everyone thinks he is adorable and gives him treats, sit, down, and getting his Kong

Pet Peeves: having to put on either of his harnesses, Skis, especially when asked to pull DMAC on them, our Landlord (sorry John, we are working on it), the last 20 minutes of obedience class, when owners don’t pick up their dog’

s poop, especially at Merry Springs dog park (Finn sometimes tries to clean it up for those owners with his own fur),  and he hates the mop and broom


Finn at rest...

Finn at rest...

Thanks to Jess and D-Mac for their Loyal-ty!





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  1. Ashley and Prudence said

    I love the first picture. Finn is such a handsome dog.

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