Bella Trix of Rockland, Maine

Today’s Dog of the Blog Award goes to…

Bella Trix


Bella Trix

Bella Trix

Name: Bellatrix ( Bella for short)

Age: 8 Months Old

Breed: Great Dane

Owners/Guardians and Favorite People: Dodge and Megan Rogers and she loves Bob and Elizabeth Stuart , Grandma Betty and the lovely duo at Loyal Biscuit Co.

How you met: In Sanford. She fell asleep in Dodge’s arms and we knew she was perfect.

Favorite Treats: She loves Zukes Hip treats, string cheese, ice cubes, ends of ponytails (lol), peanut butter.

Favorite Food: She eats Wolf King but she wants to eat just about anything, cat food, human food, it’s all food to her.

Favorite Activities: Jumping vertically into the air especially in the snow, cantering in the back yard, playing with her friend Lily* the yellow Lab, sleeping.

Where She sleeps: She sleeps on the couch. It is truly her couch now!

Tricks/Talents: She has shown promise in doggie freestyle dancing, and modeling. (She’s very pretty) and sometimes she likes to sing to us when she’s tired.

Best Dog Friend(s): Lily*, Bob and Beth Stuart’s dog who has the exact same birth day as her! (June 22nd)

Pet Peeves: being ignored, her nails getting too long, the vet, when people surprise her,  and when her toys go under the couch and she can’t reach them.

*Lily is BellaTrix’s Aunt, to be exact

*Lily is an up and coming Dog of the Blog recipient

Thanks to Meg and Dodge for alowing us to be apart of B-trix’s fabulous life!



  1. Dodge said

    Hey, thanks guys. This looks great.

  2. Hannah said

    You are one beautiful girl, Bella Trix! I just love Great Danes. :]

  3. Angelica said

    She’s gorgeous and such shiny hair.

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