Bruce with a broken leg…HELP!

Faithful readers, please take the time to help out the local Humane Society by donating time or money to help little Bruce….

Sweet Bruce!

Sweet Bruce!

This poor sweet soul was found on the side of the road in a snowbank with a severely broken leg and a large laceration on another. A good samaritan did the right thing by calling the Animal Control Officer and Bruce McTavish became the responsibility of the HSKC


Sweet Baby Bruce...

Sweet Baby Bruce...

Bruce received amazing care and orthopedic surgery at Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital in South Thomaston. Dr. Glenn Yovino has long been a loyal friend and supporter of the Humane Society of Knox County. His extreme generosity in greatly reducing the cost of this expensive surgery made it all possible. Even so, times are tough and we need help to defray the costs of Bruce’s care. Bruce has at least 6 weeks of rehabilitation and recovery ahead of him. If you’d like to support Bruce’s recovery efforts please consider making a donation to help us with his medical expenses. 

I know that all of you who read this blog are serious, dedicated dog lovers.  Please help this little man out.  Donate HERE!

Bruce looks like Orli, all skinny and pitiful with rosebud ears.  People are always saying how much they love Orli and her nice short coat…here’s your chance.  Apply to adopt Bruce today!


Blonde Bruce Look-a-like

Blonde Bruce Look-a-like





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  1. Angelica said

    I saw Bruce yesterday on the shelter web site. What a sweetie and what a sweetie Doctor Y. is. He helped us when everyone told us to put our cat to sleep and Tinker lived 7 more wonderful years. If I make any money next week I’ll be sure to give Bruce some.

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