New Products! New Shipments!

Good Morning Loyal Customers!  It may be rainy and yucky, but breakfast at Home Kitchen Cafe will fix that….it did for me at least.  I had the Hometown Homelette with Fresh Oatmeal Toast and Rock City Roasters Coffee (4 cups, so I’m wired-please forgive).  Phenomenal…HKC is located across from the Harbor on North Main Street in Rockland.  

Back to the Biscuit.  New Products this week…

Fruitables Treats and Supplements


Fruitables Treats

Fruitables Treats $1.75

Canned Pumpkin-Fortified with Calcium

Canned Pumpkin-Fortified with Calcium 15oz Resealable $3.50


Fruitables is a great line of Veterinarian (good ones) developed snacks.  The also have a canned pumpkin (see above) that is fortified with calcium.  This is first and foremost a YUMMY addition to any diet.  However, it has many uses beyond yummy-ness:

Weight Loss – feed 10% of the dog’s diet in Pumpkin Mixer to provide satiety without excess calories

Intestinal Upset – Pumpkin is a wonderful natural cure for both loose stool and constipation.  We like to call it Poopy Miracle.  


Weruva Kobe Dog Food

Weruva Kobe Dog Food


Mention that you read the Biscuit Blog anytime from March 6 (TODAY) until March 13 and receive a free can of Weruva Kobe Canned Dog Food.*

*While supplies last.


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