The Cute just won’t quit!

I don’t have television (I know, I know) but I was just tipped off to this little gem…

Oprah gets a rescue puppy!  


Sadie the Rescued Cocker!

Sadie the Rescued Cocker!

This morning, we featured two Cocker Spaniels, Grace & Jameson as Dog(s) of the Blog.  So, I find it very fitting to announce that Oprah (pretty awesome chick) has adopted a Rescue Cocker baby from PAWS Chicago.  If you are considering bringing a Cocker Spaniel into your life, please check the shelters first.  Here in Maine, we have a very cool Cocker Rescue… Click HERE to see Cocker Spaniels who need homes!



  1. Ashley and Prudence said

    I fell head over heels for Sadie and her three brothers (they were also featured on Oprah’s show on Friday). I was very happy to hear that Oprah got them from a rescue organization. She’s also been featuring quite a few stories on puppy mills and the truth behind pet shop pups. Pure awesomeness.

  2. Angelica said

    Yay Oprah!! I don’t usually watch her show, but did watch the gut wrenching puppy mill show. It was horrible to watch, but I am so glad she brought it to everyone’s attention.

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