Anti-Crap Regime To Be Continued…

Thanks to all of our faithful readers for spreading the Anti-Crappy-Pet-Foods Message!  We’re working on another post about Purina Pro Plan to coincide with the Beggin’ Strips are Disgusting Theme.  Sorry for the delay, but I have a couple of Home Visits for my favorite Rescue Groups lined up for today.  Beau Buddy Rescue and Lucky Pup Rescue  

In the meantime, enjoy the following ridiculously cute nonsense…

And, Oh. My. Gosh.  How insanely precious is this????


  1. Angelica said

    I’ve got a keyboard, let’s teach Orli to play.

    I would watch your back for the Purina hitman.

    PS. I will be stealing Slow Loris tonight 🙂

  2. Gin said

    LOVE the videos! Umm… to Angelica re: stealing Slow Loris, not if I can get their first! 🙂

  3. Angelica said

    P.P.S- I have plans to make my own recycled kitty litter since Purina is so evil and I shell out big bucks to them for Yesterday’s News.

    and I will not be stealing a slow loris since the poor things are smuggled here.

  4. Lauren said

    Fine with me….what about Good Mews? I can get that too!

    And, I fully intend to kidnap Slow Loris. She is so lovely!

  5. Angelica said

    I’ve used Good Mews a long time ago. Who makes it? I haven’t seen it anywhere to buy.

    I had to read up on the slow loris, not a name, but a species. It’s a primate and they are smuggled in from India and I believe Japan. They live 14 to 26 years, they’re so cute. But, when they smuggle them over to sell in pet shops they pull their teeth out.
    I wish there were breeders in the usa.

  6. Lauren said

    I wish they could talk so I could have a very tiny friend to vent to. Other than you. 😉

  7. Gin said

    I knew that the slow loris was a species and had tried to pull up law about them for my state (NC) — i didn’t find much but didn’t have a whole lot of time either. That is horrible about their teeth being pulled… and about smuggling. Poor babies. Who’s in for building a slow loris preservation center in Asia? ha! 🙂 Thanks for posting that info… off to check out your Etsy Angelica and spy on your cat litter. I use Feline Pine, or whatever knock off of it is on sale at Petsmart (gasp, I know, we have few small shops around here…).

  8. Lauren said

    Here are some popular cat litter brands:
    Nature’s Miracle (my FAVE…what I used)
    World’s Best
    Good Mews
    Yesterday’s News
    Swheat Scoop

  9. Angelica said

    We had some kind of corn cat litter before and Josie ate it! I’ve tried Swheat and that makes a mess as do all of the pine type ones. Newspaper was the best tracking wise, only Leo eats it. I’m afraid of anything with any dust to it because little Emma has a pushed in nose and gets stuffy.

    Check this out-

    Don’t be alarmed if you ever drive by my house and see wet, clumpy newspaper on top of window screens all over the porch. Or racoons eating cat food, or crows eating dog food, or me chasing cats or a blue herons or me just yelling at myself.

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