Mr. Bauer Hinsman


7.10.97 – 4.24.09

Last night, our sweet Bauer passed away in our home, on his favorite bed.  He was a good, good dog.  

Bauer, you were a life-altering dog.  Courageous, enthusiastic and athletic.  You taught us self-lessness and humility; strength and perserverence.  You never gave up and neither did we.  And, we never will.  We will miss and love you…always.
Love, Bill, Lauren, Orli, Salem and Solah

We would like to thank Dr. Sarah Noble and Dr. Douglas Kern and the ridiculously awesome staff of Portland Veterinary Specialists for giving us the gift of time.  We are eternally grateful to you all.  Bauer loved all his “ladies” at PVS.  He wore his collars proudly for you.
Thanks to Rockland Animal Hospital, Dr. D, and Marie for taking us in during a difficult time.  We are so grateful for your sympathy and support.
We would also like to thank our families for believing in Bauer’s mission and for letting us cry on your shoulders.  
Thank you to Aunties Wendy H., Marie F., Dee Dee, Elizabeth G., Angelica R. and Anita K. for holding our hands and giving us strength. 
We’ll miss you, Mista’ B…


  1. Ashley and Prudence said

    Lauren, I am so very, very sorry to hear this news. I know Bauer fought a very long, hard battle, and I am sure he is resting in peace, where ever that may be, but it is still very hard to lose a loved one. Please pass Prudence and my condolences along to Bill, Orli, Salem, and Solah. I only ever met Bauer a few times, but that was all it took for me to see his wonderful spirit. If there is anything any of you need, please let me know. Love from all of us.

  2. Lauren said

    Thank you so much. We love you and Pru so very much!

  3. Hannah said

    I am so sorry Lauren. :[

  4. Lauren said

    Thank you Hannah…hug those babies tonight!

  5. Angelica said

    We love you Bauer and we will miss you. You fought a valiant fight against a horrible disease. Lauren and Bill, Leo and I are here for you. Please give Orli, Salem and Solah big hugs for us, they were great siblings to sweet Bauer.

  6. Pop said

    Mister B was a great friend and teacher. He was a major part of my new found love for animals. He and Bill came into my life and I am so blessed for it. I am so glad to have been with him this week…..he was my buddy.

  7. Cheryl & Penny said

    There is no measure for what our fur babies give us…all they want is our time, love, and attention. Penny is getting even more hugs and kisses (no extra snacks though; we’re a little too fluffy right now…lol).

    Bauer, you will be missed by your Grandmommy and Granddaddy. I can’t eat a lemon kiss from the Pastry Garden without thinking of you with powdered sugar on your lips. Good night, Old Guy…rest well.

  8. Ashby said

    We’re so, so sorry. Bauer was such a beautiful, opinionated dog – the best kind. We’ll miss being barked at and then nuzzled when we come in to the store.

  9. Gin said

    So sorry to hear this… hugs from NC.

  10. Mo and Dee said

    Bauer, You were a big part of our family and we will miss you terribly. We put the porch furniture out yesterday and how many times you loved to be there or in the lake, I am so glad that you made it home for Christmas. What a great dog. Tears are flowing right now. You are with Max and Buster and Jack Chasing tennis balls and sticks.

  11. molly said

    oh lauren, i wish i could put together something wise & comforting to say, buti have no words. i am just so so sorry.

  12. Aubrey said

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again…Bauer was the best Lab ever. I am a hound kinda-girl, as you know, but man, I loved Bauer. He was just such a sweet man. No one leaned on ya and dug their Lab head between the knees quite like Bauer.

    I’m really sorry, guys. It just sucks, whether you know its coming, or not. Maybe he’s keeping our Molly company somewhere.

    We will donate to the Molly Fund for Senior Dogs at HSKC in his name.

    What a friggin’ few months we have all had.

  13. Maddi's mom said

    God speed Bauer…

    I am devasted to read your article during my lunch break. I had to take a few moments to collect myself.
    Bauer couldn’t have asked for better human parents then the one’s he got. He was so lucky to have you as you were to have him.

    I am so deeply sorry of your lost.
    Jen & Maddi

  14. Matt and Bella said

    So sorry for your loss, Bauer will be missed. Bella loved visit him.

  15. Lauren and Bill,

    I saw the sign on the door yesterday and was very saddened at the loss of Bauer. Like Jen, I must get myself back together to write this. I only met Bauer a few times, but he was a kind and sweet, and yes, a very lucky dog.

    Our condolences,
    Heidi, Fenway, Izzy and Buffy

  16. Susan M. said

    “We who choose to surround ourselves
    With lives even more temporary than our own,
    Live within a fragile circle-
    Easily and often breached.
    Unable to accept it’s awful gaps,
    We would still live no other way .”

  17. Jamie, Grace and Margo said

    Lauren, Bill and Orli,

    Please know that we are so very sorry to hear of your loss. He fought long and hard and taught us all something about patience, and perserverance in the process. Your love for him was so evident and he shared that with all who knew him.

  18. Stacey, Richard, Catriona and Findlay said


    Our condolences to you all! May Bauer rest easy at the rainbow bridge…


  19. Patty A said

    Lauren and Bill,

    No words can express how sorry we are for your loss. May Bauer be playing with our own doggies on Rainbow Bridge as they wait for us. Big Hugs to both of you.

    Patty and John A

  20. Shelly said

    Lauren and Bill,

    I can’t tell you how very sorry I am for your loss. Bauer was a unique soul that touch many hearts including all of ours at Portland Veterinary Specialists. It was always a pleasure to see him and he was nothing but a gentleman for every one of his many treatments. I enjoyed his loving personality and admired his beautiful array of collars.:) Bauer was a very fortunate creature to have such a loving family who took such great care of him. He will be greatly missed.

    Verinary assistant at PVS

  21. Lauren said

    Shelly, Thank you for commenting. PVS was the first office he was ever comfortable in. He absolutely loved it there! I’ve never felt more at home with a vet’s office before. PVS will always have our highest regards and support. Best. Hospital. Ever. Period. Thank you, Lauren

  22. Judy said

    Lauren, I’m so sad to hear of your loss. This is the hardest part of sharing our lives with these awesome creatures. My thoughts are with you today.

  23. Jaclyn Lolley said

    Lauren and Bill,

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I sympathize with your pain of losing your friend, fur child and devoted companion. He truely was an inspirational and fantastic man.

    Bill, Jaclyn and Lolley

  24. […]  I am so glad to have you as my buddy.   You came home to us exactly one year after our sweet Bauer left us.  We are honored to have you in our […]

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