Lost dog in Rockland

One of our customers’ dogs ran away from home due to Thunderstorm Fear yesterday.  She was last spotted near Route 1 in Rockport across from the Glen Cove Rest Area.  Please contact me if you have any information about this dog.  She is a Border Collie/Greyhound mix, black and white in color and is probably afraid.  I don’t know her name.  Please call 495 5269 with info.  Leave a message. Thanks, Lauren



  1. Sarah Ann said

    This morning I posted my lost 11 yr. and 9month old dog Daisy’s picture at the post office, and the shelter, and vets’ offices and showed her picture to anyone I saw. She jumped off the porch during the thunderstorm last night to get away from the noise and created a traffic jam on Rt.1 as she is unaware that roads are for cars and trucks. My parents are visiting and while I was at work she got away when they were watching her so they felt particularly responsible for her disappearance. My dad and I spent several hours looking for her last night and then my body grew very tired and heavy and I judged myself because I didn’t feel more driven to search all night until I found her. My body responded to the crisis by sleeping. She spent the night who knows where and in my dreams I looked for her and kept finding her, “Where’s Daisy?” “Oh, she’s right there by the window.” “Have you seen Daisy? Yes, there she is, she’s on the chair, she’s ok.” And when I woke up she was still missing from the house.
    Later today I received a message on voicemail that Daisy had found Noel, a neighborly person who discovered Daisy on her porch this afternoon and although she was not invited inside due to Noel’s severe dog allergies, she stayed put. Luckliy Daisy’s host was compassionate and called the rescue league to see if anyone had lost her and they gave her my number. Daisy was not wearing a collar and sometimes that can be a good thing, there’s was nothing to ‘catch her up’. Luckily she has very distinct markings with a black patch over one eye and the largest rose/prick ears I have ever seen on a border collie. Her personality and looks are one of a kind. Presently, I am order a new ID tag for her. And tonight, she is sleeping with me!

  2. Lauren said

    Sarah, I can have an ID tag rush shipped for her. Just let me know. Glad she is found!

  3. Sarah Ann said

    ok thanks! I’ll be over tomorrow. And on another subject…My dog Merlin has had an aggressive swelling on his neck now for the last 45 days. He is on prednisone and another 2 week course of antibiotics. You recommended someone in Portland and I wondered if you might pass that name on again. I have a feeling it may be cancer and not just cellulitis. Hope it is not too late. Thanks, Sarah

  4. Lauren said

    Dr. Sarah Noble or Dr. Kern at Portland Veterinary Specialists or Dr. Gail Mason at Bath/Brunswick. All three helped us through Bauer’s cancer. We’ve seen three SERIOUS misdiagnoses in customer’s dogs (including our own) over the winter and these vets were able to get things figured out before it was too late.


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