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Pop Quiz!

Which one of these dogs is an American Staffordshire Terrier (commonly and incorrectly known as a “Pit Bull”)? 

Dog # 1


Dog # 2

Dog # 3



Dog # 4



Post your answer on our facebook wall or on twitter as an @LoyalBiscuit reply.  The first three correct answers will win free treat samples from Sojos!  If anyone can guess the correct breeds of all four dogs, you will win a FREE Pull My Leg Toy by Multipet!  


So, you may be wondering where this particular quiz question came from…  I’ve met lots of fun dogs this summer and people too.  Unfortunately, I met several people who are frightened of one particular breed:  “Pit Bulls”  First of all, the term “Pit Bull” is a generic term for several types of bully breeds including the Bull Terrier! 

Who doesn't love this dog???

We all know and love this Bull Terrier who is the mascot for Target Inc Stores.  I personally know and love two fabulous Bull Terriers, Benny and Rhett.  They are fabulous dogs with a lot of spunk and are show stoppers on Main Street in Rockland. 

Along with these unfortunate conversations where I’ve defended the breed, there have been additional developments in the Michael Vick situation.  He has been signed to play football and many people are furious.  Some don’t care.  No matter how you feel about this foolish thug, the important lesson to learn is that these dogs deserve as much love as any fluffy little poodle or sleek afghan hound or this stunningly gorgeous dog… 

My girl Orli


If you or someone you know if frightened of the bully breeds, please read this awesome myth buster article at the Bad Rap Rescue site. Enjoy!


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Urgent Dog Rescue in Maine


Catahoula Rescue Inc., New England is in desperate need of Foster Home / Adopter For a very special dog her name is Mosquito!  This special gal grew up on the streets of Guatemala and was brought to the US by a concerned citizen who fell in love for her, but was not ready for dog ownership. In the two years that have passed Mosquito, has had three more owners all whom have not quite understood what this tiny girl needs!  These needs are quite simple – She needs to run and lots of activity!  This sweet thing is not a couch potato, don’t get me wrong she likes to cuddle….But she is a high energy girl.  She is also protective of her people and can take time to warm up to strangers and because of this we do not recommend young children.  Mosquito has lived with both dogs and cats in the past.  As for Mosquito’s exact breeding we feel she is part Catahoula and Kelpie and from there you guess! She is small is stature and weighs about 45 pounds. If you feel you have the right home for Mosquito or would like to learn more please contact me at:

Shannon L. Nachajko

207 273 1320

207975 2909 

Mos2Please cross Post!


Thanks, Lauren

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Habibi & Bronco WWF Style

Habibi is a Sheltie and is the reason I hold a particular affinity for the breed.  She is lovely and charming and so very smart!  Bronco is a Mini Aussie and is always so pleasant to have around.  He gets along with everyone and has the most wonderful wiggle butt!  These two little herding dogs had fun playing here today….

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Lexie got a new back pack!

Lexie is a terrier from Rockland and she came in for a fitting for a RuffWear Approach Pack.  The fit was amazing!  Now, she can carry her own snacks and water on hikes with mom and dad!  Thanks for all the kisses, Miss Lexie!

Lexie enjoys Primal Marrow Bones and Merrick Treats!

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Lola & Oakley ruled Rockland tonight!

This is Lola and she is a 12 week old Pug/Boston.  She enjoys obedience training and being cute.  

This is Oakley.  He is nearly a year old and is a Chinese Pug.  He enjoys naps on cold floors and long walks with mom, dad and sister Lola.  

Both Lola and Oakley are wearing harnesses by Bessie & Barnie, exclusively in the Midcoast at Loyal Biscuit Co.  

Have a fabulous night!

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Facebook Challenge!

The First 5 people to sign our Facebook Fan Page Wall with your favorite inspirational or funny dog related quote, will receive a FREE Merrick Wizzler with their next purchase at the Loyal Biscuit in Downtown Rockland, Maine!

Orli LOVES a challenge!

Good luck Loyal Biscuit Fans!

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Things that we love right now….

There are some fantastic new products rolling in daily at the Loyal Biscuit in Rockland, Maine.  Let’s get this little blog party started!

                    If It Barks.                        

     Gorgeous Collars!              

Undeniably STYLISH.

Most of you know by now that I have a MAJOR obsession with these collars.  Well, time hasn’t healed me and I just can’t stop ordering these handmade (in North Carolina) collars.  We’re placing another order tomorrow, so email me with requests.  


Speaking of collars, we just got a fresh shipment of Auburn Rolled Leather Collars.  These USA Made, naturally tanned leather collars just wreak of classic, timeless (and just a little snobby) style.  This is my go-to collar for Orli who wears Bauer’s old collar.  Now, I can’t wait until Eider can stop growing for 3 seconds…long enough to have a fitting.  This line is our longest running collar style and here’s why:  

A. TOUGH and Durable  

B.  USA Made  

C.  Looks great on any dog Burgnudy, Tan, Red, Black


We carry this collar in Tan only, because well…it’s the best looking one and ages like a dream.  And by dream, I mean like the handle on a Louis Vuitton carry-on bag.  Fear not, these collars are less than many of our nylon types, ranging from $20-40!  Great for dogs with long coats (like Bronco D.), these collars won’t mat the hair.  An unintended feature?  If you keep this collar oiled regularly, it becomes an excellent water dog collar; resisting icky smells.  Ok, I’ll stop now.  

(You should totally get one for your dog.  Now I’ll stop.)

Did I mention matching leashes?

 Town Leads

Now, I’ll stop.  


Let’s breakaway from the Fashion Department and take a look at Snacktime!


Made in Canada, Northern Biscuit’s Line of Grain-Free treats are a welcome addition to the Treat Wall at Loyal Biscuit.  With flavors like

Honey Glazed Duck and Papaya, Grilled Wild Boar,

Bison and Blueberries…

How can you go wrong?  Delicious and healthy is always the goal.  We nail it everytime! $8-9



Cats have an instinctual desire to watch cracks and crevices, especially when they know that something is hiding just beyond their sight. The Peek-and-Play Toy Box is designed to build on your cat’s instinct by partially hiding some of your cat’s favorite toys, and your cat will go crazy fishing them out! Peek-and-Play is especially great for those times when you have to leave your cat home alone, because this toy will keep your cat occupied for hours. Rotate the toys in the box so they are always digging for something different, and for extra fun, put a few food treats inside!

Features and Benefits

  • Encourages cats’ natural predatory behaviors
  • Stimulates indoor-only cats to keep them mentally and 
    physically fit
  • For food-motivated cats, drop kitty treats into the toy box for cats to retrieve and eat
  • Works with virtually any appropriately sized cat toy or catnip
  • Durable wood Toy Box will last for years and looks great with any furnishings


Coming soon…

-2 new Grooming/Spa Lines

-3 New Food lines

-TONS of new toys!

-Halloween and Christmas items…I kid you not, we are so going there.  


GOODNIGHT, awesome-loyal-wonderful-customers.  We appreciate you so very, very much!

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