On a more positive note…

Dear Loyal Readers, 

Last year, when I began this blog, I wrote several reviews of large commercial brand dog foods.  These posts went fairly unnoticed for the past year.  This blog is written for my customer base, but I can’t make it private or you wouldn’t get to read it!  So that means that anyone can read it.  In the past two weeks, I have been somewhat “attacked” by employees of these larger companies.  I have been accused of being an uneducated, money-grubbing blabbermouth.  I’m a talker, sure…but I’m not stupid and I’m not a money grubber (I certainly wouldn’t be in the pet food business if I wanted to make the big bucks!).  

Ever since losing our dog Bauer to Hemangiosarcoma on April 24th, I’ve gone through a bit of an awakening as it pertains to dogs, cats and life in general.  I actually stopped posting those reviews after his heart-breaking death.  This was not intentional, but I just simply didn’t care as much anymore.  His legacy is bigger than dog food ingredients.  His legacy is “LOVE YOUR DOG”.   Wink’s legacy is “LOVE YOUR CAT”. That is our mission here at the Loyal Biscuit.  That is why we don’t take a stance for or against breeders, rescues, pet shops, etc.  We do not care where you get or find your beloved pet.  Frankly, we ultimately don’t care what you feed them, what vet you use or what kind of collar they wear.  We just want you to love them as much as your heart can take.  With that kind of love, comes a thirst for knowledge–What is the right vaccine protocol for my cat?  What is the best food for my dog?  Should I be giving her this rawhide? Etc, etc, etc…

We believe that by loving your pet enough, you WILL find the answers to those questions.  You will find a veterinarian that aligns with your belief system.  You will find a food that works for your pet.  You will learn hard lessons from this pet that you will apply to  your next pet.  That is the blessing and the curse of pet’s all-too-short life span. 

With that being said, we are now in a new position to take a 100% positive approach to our business.  If you want to talk about the nitty gritty details of pet foods, we are always more than happy to do that.  Everyone who knows us knows that we treat every pet as an individual.  We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to pet care.  Here’s an example:

Orli, Dog age 4:  Eats Raw (Primal), no vaccines

Eider, Dog age 5 months: eats dehydrated (Sojo’s/HK), minimal vaccines

Salem, Cat age 5: eats anything you put in the bowl, but raw food makes him very sick, prefers mice and chipmunks, will only use clay litter, no vaccines anymore

Gordon, Cat age 7 months:  loves raw food and canned food, minimal vaccines

Solah, Cat age 5-7 years: only eats gravy from wet food, grain free kibbles, no vaccines, prefers natural litter

Those are all of my pets and I treat each one as the individual they are.  I would never recommend raw to a customer who has small children or an ailing parent in the home.  I would never recommend dry food of any sort to a customer who’s dog has chronic intestinal issues.  We work through each situation and will make suggestions according to your situation.

So, come see us and we can discuss what is right for your dog or cat…

We have a bigger location, with parking around back.  Tons more fabulous dog food and another new freezer full of raw food.  Pretty beds, pretty collars, warm coats!  Cozy kennels, silly toys, sympathy cards and much more!

So, if you haven’t already, come check out the Loyal Biscuit Co on Rockland’s Main Street.  We would be honored to love your pet too!  




  1. A beautiful post, Lauren. Keep ’em coming! You have a wonderful store and this sounds like a great approach.

  2. Ruth Lind said

    Hey Lauren, I’m sorry you’ve been getting hammered by the big guns. But stick to yours, PLEASE. We totally support your approach to and expertise in pet nutrition, and value your counsel for all our fur family. Someone has to call out the emperor on his ugly, uh, self, and of course his toadies will freak! I hope you’ve been getting some good strokes from the companies whose products you favor, you deserve them.

  3. Tina Reeder said

    I have friend who has a dog that has been diagnosed with colities however she does not want to put him on the food the vet recommened which was Hills Science could you help her out by recommending a good food for him thanks so much.

  4. vanessa thomann said

    Lauren, very well put in all positions! I just want to say that your recomendations for my dogs have been great and by your recomendations my dogs look amazing. And I hope you keep on doing what you do best!

  5. Lauren said

    Dear Tina,

    Sometimes, dogs who suffer from colitis or other chronic gastrointestinal upset, have a difficult time digesting highly refined and/or processed foods. Even the nicest dry dog foods may not work for your friend’s dog. However, there are lots of options. My youngest dog started out in life with a very sick tummy. I tried switching him from the Breeder’s food, which was very normal to a super premium dry food. That didn’t work. We then followed our own advice that we give every day (duh! 🙂 and put him on Sojo’s Complete and Honest Kitchen Embark. His tummy was improved within 12-24 hours and he was completely well in two days. His coat improved within a week! I think his tummy just couldn’t handle the processed foods! Tell her to contact these two companies and they are glad to send samples and discuss their lines. Thanks for reading, Lauren

  6. Marie said

    A perfect post. Love the photos, the store looks fabulous. 🙂

    From a happy customer.

  7. I want your readers to know how much Cutter benefitted from your advice, Lauren. (And visits to the store for goodies!) For years I was on the fence about raw vs. “packaged” food. It took a cancer diagnosis to push me over that fence; but you were there to help us find our way, once we fell into that green grass on the other side.

    My time with Cutter was much much too short, but I feel as you do with Eider, that his brother-to-be will reap the rewards of all the lessons learned together. And then on down the line, as new dogs join our hearts and days and our knowledge builds for how to best see to their care.

    Signed, another happy customer, so looking forward to the day when that new dog and I start frequenting the ‘Biscuit. (‘Course, I have to bring him home first.)

  8. Hannah & Kurt, and Melissa & Richard said

    We love you Lauren, just for being you. :]

    –Four very happy customers & their doggies & ferrets

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