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Some Loyal Biscuit Visitors

You know it is a good day at the Biscuit when a fluffy little puppy comes to visit!  Thank you for stopping in Penny!!

Penny the Puppy

Our newest addition to the Loyal Biscuit Visitors Club!

Fenny and Penny

Penny & Fenny giving smooches!

Ash and K.C. were in the other day while out for walks with their humans!

Ash came to visit the other day!


A very muddy K.C. and his mom stopped in for a visit while out on a walk.

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Happy Birthday Fenway!

Fenway is having a blast at the Loyal Biscuit celebrating her 2nd birthday today!  And she is really enjoying her new Maine made fleece Tug Me Toy from A Pet’s Picnic!  Happy Birthday Fenway!


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Gumby Has Invaded The Loyal Biscuit!


Gumby invades the Biscuit...

A cool new assortment of toys arrived here today – including Gumby chew toys for dogs!  We also received some cat toys that make them work for their treats, a few large fleas (the good kind!), and some puppy toys. 

Gumby and his new friends...

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