Does Your Pet Have ID?

This morning, Joel called me at 5:00 am to see if I recognized a dog.  He was a sweet, sweet dog, appeared to be well taken care of and loved. He was found walking alone on the Boardwalk.  Joel thought that he might be a dog that frequents the store and was hoping we could find his owners.

Going for a ride in the cruiser


I had never seen the dog before, so I was no help.  This loving dog did have on a collar and a Humane Society of Knox County tag with ID numbers, but that was it. There was no owner information, no number to call, no address to go to.

So, this dog was taken to the shelter and put in a kennel until the shelter employees come to work and look up the ID number on the tag.  This dog will find his way home because of that tag, but if he had a tag with owner contact information, he could have been spared the scary ride in the back of a cop car and the trek back to the Shelter where he appears to have once lived. 

Micro-chipping and HSKC tags work and pets eventually are matched back up with their owners.  But wouldn’t you want to spare your pet – and you – those scary moments when you are apart? If someone finds your pet, even the police, there is nothing that they can do until the shelter opens but to put your pet in a small kennel until the ID can be looked up.

Save both of you the angst and frustration of being separated with an ID tag. It will bring your happy reunion back together in no time.

Engraved with your contact information, these Red Dingo name tags will get your lost pet home to you sooner.

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