About Us

This is a little blog for the wonderful customers of The Loyal Biscuit Co. If you would like your dog (or cat) to be featured as Dog of the Blog, then email us at info@loyalbiscuit.com and we will add them asap!

We are an independent dog and cat supply boutique located in the wonderfully eclectic seaside town of Rockland, Maine. We are 100% obsessed with dogs and cats! Friendly dogs and cats are welcome (on leash) to visit our shop. Please visit our store to discuss nutrition or to try on a new collar!


  1. Ashley and Prudence said

    I’m so excited to see that you guys have a blog! Pru and I love to shop at your store. She gets so excited when we walk down Main St because she knows I can never pass up a chance to browse or buy her a treat. It was also so nice to have someone explain Prudence’s food allergies and why she should eat certain foods instead of just saying “feed her A, B, and C” and leaving it at that (and the sweet potato tip was an absolute life saver!). I will forever be loyal to the Loyal Biscuit 🙂

  2. Lauren said

    We’d love to feature Prudie on the blog. Email us at info@loyalbiscuit.com or friend me on facebook under Lauren Taylor Hinsman and we’ll get started!

  3. Bon jour, Lauren (& Mr. Lauren),
    Linda asks me to find out if you have info/feedback on dried veggie mixes.
    Your’s is, as I’ve said before, a fine business name. The website is very good. And as I imagine you counting “hits”, I’m relieved to be able to hit n you at a safe distance. Peace, Alan

  4. Lauren said

    The website for Sojo’s Europa is http://sojos.com/europa.html

    The link for Honest Kitchen Preference is http://www.thehonestkitchen.com/products/preference.shtml

    We get excellent feedback on both lines, however, Europa seems to be more popular with the dogs themselves. My dogs like both, but they are fairly indiscriminate with their culinary intake.

  5. Deana Volker said

    We’re staying on Vinalhaven for a few months. The dogs eat Innova Evo (chicken/turkey? – not the red meat kind). Do you carry that? We are taking our son down to the Portland airport for his flight on July 7 and would like to pick it up when we come back to Rockland to get the ferry back to Vinalhaven in then next few days after the 7th. Hope you can help us with this need. If not, do you know where in the area I might be able to get what I need? Thanks, Deana Volker (& Skipper & Maya)

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