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Last day at 474 Main Street

Well, today is our last day at 474 Main Street!  As many of you already know…

We are moving to 442 Main Street!

Reuben is very happy about the move!!

He likes to march around our shop with a Flossie in his mouth.

Still in Rockland, a mere 50 yards from our current location.  We will have TONS more room for healthy food and unique accessories.  We will also be hosting events and seminars and…. Self Serve Grooming later this year!  


Stop by next week and see our new spot!

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Petal Ann at the Biscuit


Petal Ann is a lovely golden retriever who loves to visit the Biscuit.  She eats Evo Grain free and loves her new Canine Genius Leo toy! 

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Parking update for the North 400 block of Rockland


Many of you recall the sidewalk updates we were blessed with last September.  Well, there was some inevitable settling (or something of that ilk) over the winter and the asphalt where you all park your cars needs to be fixed.  So, tomorrow morning there will not be parking in front of our store.  

HOWEVER!  There is the usual parking on Lindsey Street, so don’t let the orange cones and contractors deter you from shopping downtown.  

This little situation should only last one day.  Having dealt with contractors in Maine, this translates to… well, I won’t say it.  It hurts too much.  I’ve already raised a little heck this morning, so I’m thinking they’ll want to make this quick.  


Me + Main Street Construction =


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Ahhh, the joys of Monsoon Season


Well, the rain continues to pour and pour.  If you are anything like me, you are pretty frustrated and so is your dog!  Orli is soooo bored.  We have a few things here at the Loyal Biscuit in Rockland to keep your pooch busy on rainy days like these…

The Tank


Bella Trix and Lily of Rockland LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Tank bone by Merrick.  These Texas beef bones are long lasting and seem to appeal to various tastes.  p.s.  Happy Birthday, Bella and Lily!

We also carry rain jackets and lots of other “keep ’em busy” toys and chews.  If you’re running errands today, swing by the Biscuit to pick up something special for your pup!



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Spotted! @ the Biscuit 6.23.09

Sorry for the infrequent postings lately.  We are busy setting up our new location at 442 Main Street in Rockland…exactly 47 yards from our current store, by the way.  We will close here Saturday afternoon and re-open Monday morning in the new location!  

Meanwhile, here are some shots of recent visitors:

Ivy from Rockland, Dane/Saint Mix, extra silly and loves food!  She wasn’t available for a formal photo shoot, so we just followed her around while she investigated the offerings at the Loyal Biscuit…


And this is Talulah from Hope.  She is a one year old Golden Retriver who enjoys swimming and healthy snacks from the Loyal Biscuit.  She graced us with her presence on her birthday and picked up some fun toys and raw food…NOM NOM!  We love you, Tula!


This is Gracie from Rockland, a former Dog of the Blog.  She is the sister of Jameson, who was unavailable for a photo shoot that day.  Gracie had her new collar from If It Barks and a lightweight fleece from ZoomiesNYC.  She is so cute!  


This is Reuben.  He is a 16 week old Rhodesian Mix and a rescue from a New England rescue group.  He resides in Thomaston and was very handsome and happy!  Welcome to the Biscuit, Reuben!


These two stud-muffins are Hudson and Bailey from Lincolnville.  They will be featured as our next Dog(s) of the Blog!


This next dog is technically my sister!  Her name is Penelope Meriweather and she is from Gadsden, AL.  She is a Rat Terrier Mix and only has eyes for my our Mother, Cheryl.

And, finally, we have Charli from the Bangor Humane Society.  You can read more about her HERE.  She is available for adoption!

Pit Bull Terrier Picture  Pit Bull Terrier Picture  Pit Bull Terrier Picture

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Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Happy Birthday, Sophie!

n567250739_1748985_7804Love, Auntie Lauren

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Bronco loves me!

Bronco is this super cool Miniature Australian Shepherd who has a delightfully wiggly tail wag situation.  He is so smart and well behaved until he figures out that his Mom, Amber is bringing him to the Biscuit…He gets sooo excited and wiggles bounces all around!  Today, we attempted a photo shoot whilst he was enjoying a Merrick Turkey Steak Patty.  Thanks for the visit Bronco!  


_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG00044-20090608-1528

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Dogs of the Day! 6.06.09

Introducing Bailey from Brattleboro, Vermont.  She is an 11 month old Shepherd/ Beagle Cross.  She likes to de-stuff toys, so she got a Pet’s Picnic Rope Toy (TOUGH!).  Nice to meet you, Bailey!


Bailey from Brattleboro

Bailey from Brattleboro

We also had a visit from Carl from Thomaston, Maine.  I hadn’t seen Carl in a few months and boy was I surprised to see a 95 pound dog walk in!  Puppies grow up so fast!  Carl is just over a year old and is a husky/lab cross.  He enjoys swimming and snacktime at the Biscuit!


Carl from Thomaston

Carl from Thomaston

 Have a great weekend, Loyal Customers!

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Bisto, Liffey and Smokey are Awesome. Period.

Today, the super cool guardians of Bisto, Liffey, and Smokey visited the Biscuit to pick up some goods.  These three amigos are now rockin’ some If It Barks collars in the Bangor area.  Representin’!  So, the shopping spree was apparently followed by a fancy photo shoot.  Here are the results…





Thanks to the parental units of  the Bangor Trio for the wonderful photos.  We so enjoy your visits and hope to see you soon!  

These guys work with the Bangor Humane Society in Bangor, Maine.  If you are looking for a dog, cat or even a rabbit to adopt, then Bangor HS might have what you are after!

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The Freezers are Full Again!

To all my fabulous raw foodies, 

The freezers are full again!  Two deliveries today and every Tuesday for the rest of the summer!

 Canine Raw Frozen FormulaFeline Raw Frozen Formula

Wholesome Raw Frozen Foods for Dogs and CatsWholesome Raw Frozen Foods for Dogs and Cats


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