What’s In Your Dog Food?

Have you ever read the ingredients on your dogs bag of food?  (This information is also applicable to cats, BTW.)

I know I never did before owning The Biscuit! I started out with food from The Biscuit because I wanted to feed my baby the best, even though I didn’t know what made it the best at the time. I will admit though – there was a period of time when I fed our girls Beneful – because I didn’t have the knowledge to understand what I was feeding my dogs.

I read a blog post from Lauren, the former Biscuit owner, on the ingredients that are really in the foods carried by the large, big-box chains (Beneful, Ol Roy, Purina, Pedigree, etc…) and I instantly switched to HealthWise, an economical, yet good-quality food available at the store.  With three large dogs, cost was definitely a concern for us. The girls were on HealthWise for 2 years before we bought the store. We have since had them on Taste of the Wild (which they all LOVED!) and I am now serving them the Fromm Four-Star line. There isn’t a food in the store that I would hesitate to give my girls.

Take a look at the ingredients on the food comparison chart comparing Taste of the Wild High Prairie to a very popular food sold in big box stores. The second ingredient in THEIR food just disgusts me – to think that I could be serving my dogs DEAD, DYING, DISEASED or DISABLED animals everyday just gives me the shivers! At least this food identifies the meat (chicken). Some foods only list “Meat By-Product Meal” – they can’t even ID the meat – it could be chicken, beef, lamb, or even worse, dog. Yes, some of the foods out there contain dog.

You can be certain that any food carried at The Loyal Biscuit Co. will always contain high-quality ingredients and will be produced in reputable facilities.  We diligently monitor websites and chat rooms that contain information on product/ingredient quality, recalls, etc., and you can rest easy knowing that any foods we carry are healthy for your pets.

We encourage you to stop in to the store to chat about nutrition. In addition to kibble diets, the Biscuit also carries raw and dehydrated options for feeding as well as healthy treats, bones and chews.

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