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New Collar Shipment!

Hey faithful customers!  Just wanted to let all you collar hounds know that we have received another shipment of If It Barks Collars.  Six of these collars were spoken for before they even arrived, so come on in to check out the rest!  These collars are made in North Carolina and have become our most popular line.  Here are some photos of current stock:


Martingale Collars

Martingale Collars

Traditional Collars

Traditional Collars

You  may notice that there are two styles of collars.  The second photo is of a traditional style, quick release collar.  This is most popular, but I prefer the martingale style for many reasons:

No buckles to break or pinch sensitive fingers in

No risk of dog escaping or “backing out” of collar during a scary event like a loud truck, etc.

Increased width to prevent choking

Limited slip sizing to prevent choking, yet offer control

Some of our favorite customers wear If It Barks collars:


Jack, Missy and Jenny

L-R: Jack, Missy and Jenny


Have a great night!

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Strange, Strange Dog

Guess Who ENJOYS being squirted with a water spritzer???

Hope you’re all recovering from shoveling!  Have a great night!

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Simone, Charlie and Jasper

Today’s Dog (and Cat) of the Blog award goes to….

Simone, Charlie and Jasper

of Rockland 


Jasper, Simone, Charlie

Jasper, Simone, Charlie

Parents: Jenilyn Johnson-Mom and Neil is their “parent”, care-taker and alpha male

Names:  Simone D., Charlie Bird, Jasper 

How we met: Both dogs are pet shop dogs from the DC Metro area. Simone is from Laurel, MD and Charlie is from a pet store across from the Huntington Metro stop in Alexandria, VA. They are from puppy mills probably, so I assume that is why they are slightly nuts and have anxiety and nervousness. Jasper was brought to us by a friend that couldn’t have another cat in their home-he instantly fit right in with the other two. Most people were afraid my dogs would kill my new kitten, but they were very accepting and were curious about him. He kept jumping his seperation and “getting to know you” fence to get to them. He’s never been afriad of either dogs.
Ages:  Simone is 7. Charlie is 6. Jasper isn’t a year old yet.
Favorite Treats:  Anything I give them they love and if they don’t, they spit it out on the floor and stare at me.
Favorite Foods: The dogs eat Orijen. The cat is very pickly. The Dogs will eat anyting. The cat won’t eat salmon in any form. He prefers birds, mice, and moles from the yard and brings them to us on a regular basis.
Special Tricks: It is hard to teach two dogs tricks because they compete with each other for food. It is getting better though. Charlie guards his food as if someone is going to take it away. He is the best lap dog and will let you hold him as long as you want. Simone is a big dog in a small dogs body, so she wants to go out and run in the snow, but her feet get too cold.  Jasper does somersaults around Charlie’s mid-section and likes to hang over him like a piece of furniture. Charlie likes attention, so he loves it.
Where they sleep:  All of them sleep in a big lump behind our couch, on their own big bed in front of the woodstove. Simone is weird about her sleeping spot, so I tried getting another smaller bed for her. The guys keep getting into it. 
Pet Peeves (human perspective):  I don’t have any pet peeves about them. I do have pet peeves about other pet owners. I do wish they, the dogs and the people, would calm down a little and come into our tiny home without a huge fuss. We want to improve Simone’s overall health-the allergy issue and the cherry eye. I hate it when people look at me like I abuse my dog and that is why she has cherry eye. It appeared one day and it is expensive to fix. Jasper likes to go outside and sit on the steps at 3 am, only to be let in 5 minutes later- so we have to wait for him.







Thanks to Jenilyn and Neil for being such loyal customers.  (even though is mean to us for being fans of a certain baseball team) 😉

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New Product!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a toy that was:

Made in the USA, 





Available at the Loyal Biscuit co, 


I present to you…

 SNOOK’S Dog Chews and Chips!


Sweet Potato Chew!

Sweet Potato Chew!


Snook's Sweet Potato Chips

Snook's Sweet Potato Chips

Snook’s Sweet Potato Chews are from a great little company in Oregon.  The chips are made from Organic Sweet Potatoes, and the Chews are basically a hemp rope strung with the Sweet Chips!  Sweet potatoes are a low glycemic carbohydrate option for dogs, even pups with severe allergies.  They are also readily digestible, so pups with sensitive tummies can enjoy these as well.  Once your doggy has eaten the sweet potatoes from the chews, they can enjoy gnawing on and playing tug with the Hemp Rope that is left! 


Hemp Rope

Hemp Rope



Other fabulous features:

-Pleasant smell, unlike rawhides (which we will not sell and you should not buy) and other animal-based chewies

-Amazing dental cleaning abilities

-High in fiber for intestinal health

Here is a testimonial from a happy customer:

This is a fan letter – my two Jack Russells absolutely LOVE the Sweet Potato Dog Chips. I purchased them at Wags! in Eugene, Oregon. I’d recently started sharing a bite or two of a baked sweet potato with my two little guys after learning how good sweet potatos are for dogs. With the sweet potato dog chips I now have this treat available all the time, not just when I bake sweet potatos for lunch or dinner. Thank you again for this imaginative and dog-approved treat! –Miss Jan

We are hooked! Reddi, our 5 month old puppy not only loves munching on yourbut he loves tossing it in the air and teasing us with it. Keeps our puppy happy (especially those those times when he is restricted to his crate) which is a good thing if you know what I mean. Thanks for a great product! –Cathy

Here is a video of my dog, Orli, enjoying her first Snook’s Dog Chew…

There are 4 sizes to accomodate any size dog and the chips are available in small sizes and amounts as well.  The Snooks products range in price from $4.00-$24.00, so there’s something for everyone!  Come visit our ever-changing little shop on Main Street in Rockland to give them a try!

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Tonight’s Dinner

Just a quick photographic essay on my dog’s dinner this evening.  This was totally thrown together last minute and I’m posting this to show how simple it can be to feed large dogs this way!  


Bauer's Dinner

Bauer's Dinner

Bauer’s late night dinner:

Cage free, free range, local eggs

Greek Yogurt

Honest Kitchen Preference

Carrots and Cucumbers

Assorted herbal supplements for anti-cancer purposes


Orli's Dinner

Orli's Dinner

Orli’s Dinner:

Primal Turkey Grind

Greek Yogurt

Carrots, cucumbers


Honest Kitchen Preference

This is not their typical dinner, rather just a small snack.  Tonight, Orli had a Bully Stick* from our store to chew on, so I didn’t give her a full meal.  Bauer had his Canine Genius (similar to a Kong/coming this week to the Biscuit) filled with dehydrated jerky treats and Texas Toothpicks*.  On days this cold, I hate going outside and they seem to hate it worse!  So, I give them something yummy to work on to keep them busy and entertained.

*Our prices for Bully Sticks $4.99, Texas Toothpicks $16.00 (Merrick has some NUTTY prices if you buy direct). 

Thanks for checking in tonight.  This post is dedicated to my Dog, Orli, who totally counter-surfed today and destroyed a box of Earl Grey Tea.  Fear not, she did not consume the tea…merely pushed it around.  Hence the bully stick. 

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The List, Chapter 1


Sick little kitten!

Sick little kitten!



Following is a list of the top 10 reasons humans take their fur kids to the veterinarian.  This article was published in Pet Product News (Aug. 08), one of the pet industry trade mag’s.  I found this list online at Pal Dog/Pal Kitty’s blog.   This is a wonderful dog and cat wellness company, whose products we carry at the Loyal Biscuit Co

This will be a series post, that we will re-visit periodically.  It is ALOT of information to cover, so we will take our time, so as to avoid boredom.  If you have any particular issues you’d like to see discussed sooner, just add a note to the comments.

Let’s begin with the list:


1) Ear Infections

2) Skin Allergies

3) Pyoderma and Hot Spots

4)  Gastritis and vomiting

5)  Enteritis and diarrhea

6)  Urinary tract infections

7)  Benign skin tumors

8)  Eye Inflammation

9)  Osteoarthritis

10) Hypothyroidism


1)  Urinary tract infections

2) Gastritis, Vomiting, Hairballs

3)  Chronic renal failure

4)  Enteritis and diarrhea

5)  Diabetes mellitus

6) Skin Allergies

7) Colitis and constipation

8)  Ear infections

9)  Respiratory infections

10)  Hyperthyroidism

Tonight, we will discuss Dog Issue # 1 and Cat Issue #8 :  Ear Infections…


My ears itch!

My ears itch!

Signs of a serious ear condition:

1.  Foul Odor

2.  Excessive Head shaking

3.  Redness or Tenderness

4.  Balance issues

5.  Waxy, brown discharge


1. Poor Diet (Grocery store brand commercial foods containing Wheat, corn, soy and other assorted crap)

2. Poor hygiene

3. Ear Mites

4. Bacterial Infections

Tips for clean, healthy ears:

1. Clean Diet

2. Daily or Weekly ear maintenance, especially after swimming or rolling in dirt, etc.

3.  Avoid excessive antibiotics

So, there is a basic overview of ear issues in dogs and cats.  At the first sign of an ear infection, call your vet.  If left untreated, your pet could have permanent damage.  In some severe cases, your vet may recommend antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications.  Once your dog or cat is healed, we recommend a weekly regimen of all-natural ear cleaning.   This is also a good time to re-evaluate your dog’s or cat’s diet for any possible allergens.  Even a super fancy dog food can have a rare trigger ingredient.  It never hurts to clean up the diet even more, by going raw or dehydrated.

Well, that was amazingly boring, so let’s end with a pleasant video…

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2nd Annual Puppy Love Sale!


It’s almost time for our 2nd Annual Puppy Love Sale!  This event was so much fun last year, so we are going to run the sale for the entire month of February.  Many items in our shop will be up to 50% off…maybe more!  Categories with sale items:





Collars & Leashes






The Sale will run from February 2nd, 2009 until February 28th, 2009.  

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Impromptu Orli Chat

A discussion of my dog’s path to freedom from allergies…





Good afternoon faithful customers!

I received my FIFTH call in TWO days from new clients about skin allergies, food allergies, etc. I want you all to know that I truly understand. My dog, Orli has food and environmental allergies. I am not a veterinarian, but I do know that many veterinarians choose to tackle allergies with steroids, antibiotics and crappy kibble.  I played that game for over a year and we never got anywhere.  When I finally started tweaking her diet is when we started seeing real progress.

Let’s start from the beginning.  After some skin eruptions on her ears and tail would not go away after sulphur dips, ivermectin, permytherins, etc, I finally gave in and had the tip of her right ear lasered off because it just would not heal.  Simultaneously, her vet at that time drew blood for an allergy test.  The company who did the test is called AlerChek and this test has helped us immensely. Here is her allergy list, broken down into things that I CAN control (food) and things that I cannot (environmental):

Wheat (duh, most dogs can’t handle wheat)
Potato (not as common, this does not include sweet potato or yam)
Penicillium (this is on both lists, because some types of this fungus are used in cheese production)
Fusarium (on both lists, due to it’s association with Barley)
Botrytis (on both lists, because it is a common grey mold, so I must be careful to use only the freshest fruits and veggies for her snacks!

English Plaintain
Fleas ( There are many ways to deal with fleas that don’t require pesticides)
Mix Dust Mites
Canary Grass
Brome Grass
Red Mulberry

Although that list sounded pretty intimidating at first, I did tons of research and decided that a commerical raw diet with grain free treats was the way to go.  I chose commercial, because I am a vegetarian and the thought of grinding chicken meat and parts was just too much for my emotions.  So, I started her out on Nature’s Variety which was sold at the dog store where I used to work.  Within 3 weeks, her skin had cleared up!  

We then moved on to Primal, which is one of my favorites!  They are always organic, always hormone/antibiotic free and easy to use!  I started with their patties and nuggets, then moved on to my current system of using Primal Grinds, which I will outline later in the post.  

Two years ago, when this all began, raw diets were very taboo. My logic for using such an unpopular system of feeding was that it was the only way for me to have control over every ingredient.  My reason for approaching this with diet?  I believe that the immune system is the most important system in the body.  Think of your dog’s (or yours, for that matter) immune system as an army of mean little soldiers whose sole purpose is to protect you from outside forces.  When we give our dogs too many vaccines, not enough exercise or mental stimuli, we are weakening the immune system considerably.  There are only so many soldiers in this little army, so why make them fight unnecessary things like Wheat, Corn, Soy, Ethoxyquin (common in Hill’s Science Diet Foods)?  Why do we do this when the little soldiers could be battling more serious things like cell changes (cancer!), bacteria, viruses and other environmental issues?  

My favorite way of putting it is this:  Let’s LIBERATE our dog’s immune systems!  Let the Immunity Army do it’s job!  Don’t bog them down with junk food and too many antibiotics!  A liberated immune system means that when your dog is confronted with something out of your control, like hereditary based cancers he or she will be ready to fight.  The dog’s system won’t be so busy trying to digest junky fillers that it can’t fight cancer or handle chemo-therapy or surgery.   When you feed higher end foods, you are liberating the army to do its job.  I hope you will consider upgrading your dog’s food.  Remember your local pet supply stores are going to know alot more about these foods than the big box stores.   A store that will put California Natural next to Iams clearly has no idea what they are doing.  

Now, here is a breakdown of Orli’s diet.  Please note that her diet varies greatly depending on the season and availability of certain veggies.  I will post her “winter” diet now and update the post this spring with ideas for going local for your dog’s sake!  






Orli’s Winter Diet: (Per day/divided between two meals)

1 Pound of Primal Turkey Grind (includes muscle,  organ and ground bone)

1 cup lightly steamed and pureed sweet potato with carrots, kale and 1/8 tsp organic blackstrap molasses

1/2 cup Monzie’s Organic Muesli (see older posts for more info)

4000mg Small Body Fish Oils 

1000mg Borage Oil

1 Hip and Joint Supplement ( I use just about anything for this, but my favorite is Nupro Joint)

1/2 tsp Enzyme/probiotic blend

Several times a week, she gets Primal Marrow Bones.  These are antibiotic/hormone free beef or buffalo and she really loves them!  Also, when I am very busy I use the Primal Patties, which are pre-mixed with vegetables, oils, etc., so they are VERY convenient.   I use all positive reinforcement for her ongoing training, so she gets lots of treats!  My favorites are:

Carnivore Crunch

Primal Heart Chows

A Dog’s Life Quattro Formaggio

Mulligan’s Stew Sticks

Cheese Please

A quick note on “raw food fear”:

Many people fear salmonella and e.coli when they first hear of raw food.  While these are both a danger to humans, they are not as dangerous to carnivores like dogs and cats.  The two companies that I carry are very responsible with their production and use safety techniques to lower the risk.  In fact Stella & Chewy’s guarantees against contamination!  I will also warn you that many raw dog food “purists” will tell you that dogs should eat chicken necks, etc with little to no vegetable or fruit content.  On one hand, this sounds great.  But, our modern domestic dog may not be able to transition to such a different way of eating.  I also feel that the evidence is to the contrary as it relates to vegetable/fruit content.  When properly prepared, dogs and cats can definitely absorb wonderful nutrients!  

Thank you so much for tolerating this long post.  It is so important to me to let you know that I’m truly invested in helping your dogs and cats find true balance and health.  

This post is dedicated to Simone… Orli and I loved meeting you tonight!

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Cold Feet: Solutions for Snow

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to share a few ideas for dealing with snow on the roads and walkways:

Paws Applause:


Paws Applause

Paws Applause

Concerned parents and pet owners need look no further than Paws Applause for an ice melt and traction product. This specially-blended, low-toxicity mix of Magnesium Chloride, Urea, and Dolomitic Limestone provides excellent low temperature melt and traction without the harmful chemicals of other melt products.  This is a Maine Company too!  Maine products are our favorite!

Unfortunately, many people still don’t care enough to use such nice products on their walkways (you know who you are!), so there’s a solution for stinging, sensitive paws…

Pawz Dog Boots


Pawz Dog Boots

Pawz Dog Boots


Pawz is the world’s only disposable and reusable, waterproof dog boot. Made of natural rubber, Pawz are 100% biodegradable. Pawz are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps. Fashionable yet durable, Pawz offers serious paw protection. Pawz is the most natural-feeling boot your dog can wear because without padding your dog feels the ground, providing a needed sense of security. Like a sock, Pawz moves with your dog, allowing full paw motion and maximum comfort. And imagine never losing another expensive dog boot again! Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times.

We are getting wonderful feedback on this popular boot here at the Loyal Biscuit!  Here’s a video from this awesome, thoughtful company!

Have a great night and Happy Walkies!

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Snowy Monday…

Happy MLK Jr. Day!  Hope you are all warm and cozy on your day off.  We are open until 6:30pm tonight if you need anything!  

Treat of the Week:

Mulligan’s Stew Sticks


Stew Sticks

Stew Sticks


Mulligan’s Stew Sticks have already been a HUGE hit here at the Biscuit!  They are a long, semi-moist jerky treat from Wyoming.  These are easy to tear into small pieces for training, or you can leave them in long strips for an extra special night-night snack! Ingredients: (There is a beef formula as well)

Chicken, Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Spelt Flour, Fructose (from Chicory), Cane Molasses, Salt, Cabbage, Brown Rice, Sorbic Acid (a natural preservative), L-Methionine, L-Cysteine, Horseradish, Beta-Carotene, Selenium Yeast, preserved with mixed Tocopherols (a natural source of Vitamin E)

Guaranteed Analysis (calculated):
Crude Protein (min) – 15.0%
Crude Fat (min) – 10.0%
Crude Fiber (max) – 3.0%
Moisture (max) – 24.0%
Methionine (min) – 0.35%
Cysteine* (min) – 0.14%
Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Calorie Content (Calculated):
ME (kcal/kg)2943
ME kcal/treat (8 gr) 23.5

Toy of the Week:

West Paw Design Snowman


Cute Mr. Snowman!

Cute Mr. Snowman!

This Snowman Toy is made in Montana by West Paw Design.  It looks sweet, but it is one TOUGH toy!  We only have four left in stock…. (*hint: HURRY!)

Food of the Week:

Healthwise Lamb and Oatmeal Adult Formula


Healthwise Lamb & Oatmeal

Healthwise Lamb & Oatmeal


Healthwise Lamb and Oatmeal Adult formula is a SUPER ECONOMICAL dry dog food made by Natura Pet.  This is the same company that makes California Natural, Evo and Innova, so you can be confident in the quality!    If you are looking to get out of the Big Box brands like Purina, Iams, etc., then look no further than Healthwise…

Ingredients:Lamb Meal, Oatmeal/Rolled Oats, Pearled Barley, Chicken Meal, Chicken Fat, Flaxseed Meal, Taurine, Natural Flavors, Herring Oil, Avocado Oil, Garlic, Dried Kelp, Vitamins/Minerals 

Protein 27%, Fat 16%, Moisture 10%, Fiber 3.8%

Our price for a 35 pound bag???  $35.00  Online prices range from 38 to 48 for the same size bag and that doesn’t include shipping!  Silly geese.  

Accessory of the week:

Bessie & Barnie Comfort Sport Harness


Bessie & Barnie Harness

Bessie & Barnie Harness


This has been our best-selling harness for over a year now.  This harness looks similar to some you may see in other shops, but this one is special…made in the USA!  It is also stretchy and made of mesh, so it is also breathable.  There is also a reflective strip for nighttime visibility.   This will fit small breeds from 1 pound to 35 pounds.  The Bessie & Barnie Comfort Sport Harness is the PERFECT choice for “chesty” breeds like Pugs, Frenchies and Boston Terriers!  Come to the Loyal Biscuit Monday thru Saturday for a fitting!*

*If your pup doesn’t like the public scene, just measure the deepest part of his/her chest and we can fit the harness that way.

Here is a photo of Leo, a current Dog of the Blog Award Recipient, wearing his baby blue Bessie & Barnie Harness:


Leo from Owls Head, Maine

Leo from Owls Head, Maine


Thanks for checking in tonight!  We have another Dog of the Blog award coming up soon, so check back often!

-Lauren, Bill, Bauer & Orli





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