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Free Treats today at the Biscuit!

Stop by the Biscuit today for Free TREATS!


Stella & Chewy’s will be here from 11am-3pm giving out free samples of their line!

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Bessie does the Biscuit


This is Bessie a Hound Rescue who now resides in Rockland with 3 (THREE) Springer Spaniels.  God help her.  😉


We love you Bessie Boo!

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My new Kitten is so very special.

My new kitty Gordon really thinks he’s good at hiding.  

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Wysong Recall Info

When we bought this store a few years ago, I very quickly worked to remove Wysong Foods from the shelves.  We lost customers because of this, but I felt strongly that the quality of the food did not warrant the price (nor the worship either!).  I am pretty glad, once again for sticking to my guns because they are going through a recall.   This area is unusually Wysong-obsessed and I equate it to the Co-Op mentality (whatever is in the co-op must be good right?  Not always!).   

Granted, this isn’t some crazy recall like 2007 but it just serves as a reminder to always be prepared to make a switch and fall in and out of love with foods.  

Anywho, here’s your info.  Pass it along.

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This week at the Biscuit 11.02.09

Premier Quick Snap Collars and Matching Leads:


Today we received a shipment of classic quick-snap collars from Premier.  It was like looking at the produce section when I opened the box!  We only started with about a third of the available colors and plan to add more every few weeks. Colors in stock:  Cranberry, Dusty Rose, Cadet Blue, Hunter Green, Teal, Gold, Blaze Orange…

Prices range from $4.99 to 9.99 for collars and coordinating leashes!


Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Canned Formulas 

for Dogs and Cats

Image of Taste of the Wild: High Prairie Canine Formula in GravyImage of Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream Canine Formula With Smoked SalmonImage of Taste of the Wild: Wetlands Canine Formula in Gravy

New Can Formulas

These new cans are a wonderful compliment to an already popular grain-free dry food.  I brought home the new cat food formula tonight and my new kitten Gordon LOVED it!  It looks like shaved steak in gravy! 

UpCountry Winter Break Collar


UpCountry Collars are made in Rhode Island and are always stylish and quite soft.  Our favorite Lobster Collar is made by this fabulous company and now we are excited to explore the many, many other options.  We have sizes to fit all breeds from little yorkies to Rottweilers!  $12-$20


Canidae Beef & Fish Formula Dry and Canned Foods

All Life Stages FormulaCANIDAE Beef and Fish


A perrenial favorite brand at the Loyal Biscuit; Canidae has introduced the Beef & Fish Formula in both dry and canned formulas.  This is a great way to rotate your dogs’ protein base without switching brands. 

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food

Coming tomorrow to the Loyal Biscuit is this fabulous new dog food line, Whole Earth Farms!  This food has classic, clean ingredients that is perfectly complimented by an AWESOME price.  With a puppy, adult and a senior formula, your dog is covered for life!  (and you can afford it!)

Stop by this week to check out our new dry and canned lines!


Introducing Tubby Waits

This handsome fella is my grandmother’s new dog, Tubby, named after a GREAT Auburn University Football Coach (my alma mater).  Tubby is a Silky Terrier and about a year old.  He resides in Alabama, where he and Gray Kitty run the show.  Welcome to the family, Tubby!


That’s all for now.  See you at the Biscuit!

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