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The Biscuit is MOVING!!!

The Loyal Biscuit Co in Rockland, Maine is moving to 442 Main Street in the old Andrus Flower Shop space!  We begin basic clean-up and fresh paint, etc tomorrow and will be fully relocated by the 1st of July! 

This move will allow us to expand our product lines substantially, so any suggestions are welcome.  This will also allow to offer services such as a dog spa and adoption events, as well as lectures and movie nights!  

We are so excited about this move and hope that you are too.  Any ideas and suggestions are welcome at  

Please enjoy the interactive street view map below.  Use the arrow button to change the view.  We will be across the street from Rheal Day Spa and Rockland Cafe, so 

Lobster Roll?  Check

Human Facial? Check

Doggy Facial?  CHECK!


*Please note the google street view map shows the street  number as 380. It is actually 442 Main Street.

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The 3/50 Project

Click here for information about supporting small local businesses!  

We need you!

Come by The Loyal Biscuit this week!

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Photo of Maddi Pug added for reasons of cuteness.

Photo of Maddi Pug added for reasons of cuteness.



We are starting to figure this out, after all!

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Rawhide is horrific.

End of story.

Here is the wikipedia info for Rawhide….

Rawhide is a hide or animal skin that has not been exposed to tanning. It is much lighter in color than leather made by traditional vegetable tanning. The skin from buffalo, deer, elk or cattle from which most rawhide originates is prepared by removing all fur, meat and fat. The hide is then usually stretched over a frame before being dried. The resulting material is hard and translucent. It can be shaped by rewetting and forming before being allowed to thoroughly re-dry. It can be rendered more pliable by ‘working’, i.e. bending repeatedly in multiple directions, often by rubbing it over a post, sometimes traditionally by chewing. It may also be oiled or greased for a degree of waterproofing.

It is often used for objects such as whips, drumheads or lampshades, and more recently chew toys for dogs. It is thought to be more durable than leather, especially in items suffering abrasion during use, and its hardness and shapability render it more suitable than leather for some items. For example, rawhide is often used to cover saddle trees, which make up the foundation of a western saddle, while wet: it strengthens the wooden tree by drawing up very tight as it dries, and resists the abrasion regularly encountered during stock work or rodeo sports. It can also be used as a backing on a wooden bow. Such a backing prevents the bow from breaking by taking a share of the tension stress. Bows made from weaker woods such as birch or cherry benefit more from a rawhide backing. Rawhide is, however more susceptible to water than leather, and will quickly soften and stretch if left wet unless well waterproofed. It is quite effective when used for training dogs and also satisfies their natural desire for meat.   Or you could give your dog meat?  Hmmmm…

Wet rawhide has been used by some earlier cultures as a means of torture or execution, gradually biting into or squeezing the flesh of body parts it encloses as it dries. Example is buskin.  (This is my favorite part)

Still wonder why we won’t sell it?  It isn’t good enough for your dog. 

Check out this awesome blog post at Cup Of Dog.  


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Dog in Rockland needs HELP!



Good afternoon, Loyal Biscuit Blog Readers!  This is a call to action.  This sweet dog was reportedly shot in the leg.  He has made it through surgery, but he needs MONEY!  Our awesome Animal Control Officer, CJ paid for his medical care out of pocket.  That is so kind of her, but I’m certain it wasn’t cheap or expected.  We have a little fund going for him, so please drop off money when you are in getting things for your dogs and cats.  If you are out of town, Donations may be mailed to us or directly to the fund:

Camden National Bank
For the Benefit of Injured Animals
C/O ACO Cj Virgie
PO Box 880
Rockland, ME 04841

Here  is the full story from our Rockland/Thomaston Dog Trainer, Marie Finnegan.

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Thoughts on fleas and ticks and mosquitos, Oh MY!

Most of you know that, after I took over this shop, I chose to no longer stock Frontline or Advantage.  While both of these products (and many others) are effective and have their place in many pet’s lives, they deserve serious thought and consideration.  I think it is important that you discuss these products with your veterinarian.  Of course, I don’t believe that most vets know enough about nutrition (see here), but they certainly know about disease and treatment.   I am not opposed to the use of these products and have used them in the past and may use them again.  The potential for bug-borne diseases is very serious and deserves to be addressed both allopathically and holistically, depending on the dog.  Talk to the vet and ask questions.  You have a right to know every possible method and/or product for prevention.  

So, I’d like to have a flea and tick talk, starting with a crash course about the pesky little bugs themselves! (Click each photo for a link to a boring Wikipedia page about each lovely critter.  )

Flea = Yuck Bug


Tick=Mean Bug


Mosquito=Skanky Bug


So, what are we trying to avoid by repelling these bad boys?  Well, the biggies are: 

Heartworm Disease

Lyme Disease



If you want to pull out the big guns (Frontline, Advantix, Advantage, Revolution, HeartGuard), please be certain to get the dosage right.  Always buy the right amount for your dog/cat.  Some products aren’t safe for cats so READ THE LABELS!  I know they are boring, but so is this blog and you’re reading it, right?  Har har har. 

Now, Let’s discuss some alternative methods.  There are several options available for alternative pest control.  Here’s what we have at the Loyal Biscuit Co:

Equinature Bug Gone

Equinature Bug Gone Spray and Wipes

Equinature Bug Gone Spray and Wipes



EcoPure Naturals Flea and Tick Spray,

Shampoo & Collars


EcoPure Naturals


 ArkNaturals Neem Protect

Shampoo & Spray



ArkNaturals Neem Shampoo

ArkNaturals Neem Shampoo

ArkNaturals Neem Spray

ArkNaturals Neem Spray

These are just a few of the many options we have available at the Loyal Biscuit Co.  When I started writing this post, it was still rainy and cold, but the weather is fabulous now.  Downside?  The bugs will begin their attack any day now.  Be prepared!  

Let’s finish today’s post with a video that teaches us how to identify ticks… 

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Loyal Biscuit on Facebook?

Of course we are!  Become a fan on facebook and stay in touch with the most current updates.

loyalsticker2jpegSee you on FB!

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Pet Shop Puppies-CAUTION!



Aiden in Maine-Available! Click on Photo for info!

Aiden in Maine-Available! Click on Photo for info!




Yesterday, at the Biscuit, the phone rings as usual.  Typically, it is someone checking in on a special order or asking if we have any “indestructable” toys-haha!  Sadly, we had someone call and ask, 

Caller: “Are you a pet shop?”

Me: “We are a Pet Supply Boutique” ( I know this sounds snitty, but I don’t know another way to say it)

Caller: “Do you sell Pomeranians?”

Of course, I very calmly informed her that any puppy you buy from a Pet Shop absolutely DOES NOT, CAN NOT, WILL NOT come from a reputable breeder.  That is just the truth.  There is no grey area.  Any breeder who is concerned for the well-being of the breed, the improvement of confirmation and temperament, would NEVER sell their pups to a store.  It just doesn’t happen.

 I told this nice customer  that HSUS had recently conducted an investigation of PetLand and revealed piles and piles of evidence that PetLand is inextricably tied to Puppy Mills in Pennsylvania and the Midwestern states.  In fact, the highlight of my year so far has been the closing of PetLand in Topsham, Maine.  This is a huge victory for dogs!  To be clear, we have customers who have dogs that are from this very PetLand location in Maine.  They have since learned the truth.

I moved here from the Southeast, and along with the Midwest segment of our country, that region shares an unfortunate reputation for lower care standards for dogs.  Having moved to New England, I can tell you that cruelty is everywhere-North, South, East and West…and yet so is kindness and humanity and love.  Just do your part and don’t buy your next dog from a PetStore or a backyard breeder.  I am not one of these preachy people who will tell you that you can only rescue a dog.  I would strongly encourage it, but I am aware that certain lifestyles may call for the attributes of a particular breed of dog.  I have a dog from a breeder and a dog from a high kill shelter and they are both wonderful!  However, if you are going to buy a dog, do your research.  


Mija in Boston-Available Click Photo for Adoption Info

Mija in Boston-Available Click Photo for Adoption Info



I have a dear friend who is looking for an English Bulldog.  Her last dog was a rescue bulldog and she loved him dearly and her heart is truly with this breed.  This breed comes with a long list of potential health and behavioral issues.  My friend’s life circumstances (young child in the family with health problems) dictate that she shouldn’t take risks with her next dog.  She has decided to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder.  

When you buy a puppy from a REPUTABLE breeder, expect to spend several weeks or months researching the breed itself and making contact with good breeders in a reasonable driving distance.  My friend was willing to do this and after many months of research has found a wonderful breeder who performs all necessary health tests and raises each litter in her home.  This breeder also has extremely high standards for the homes in which she places the pups.

 It is a bit of a running joke that a really good rescue group or really good breeder will make you feel really insecure about yourself during the adoption process.  There are applications, references, home visits, etc.  These are all great signs!  If you begin the adoption or purchase process and a breeder doesn’t ask you any questions or ask for references, then run for your life.  

One last note: Not all backyard breeders know they are contributing to over population and health issues.  They are probably wonderful people with great intentions, but that isn’t a strong enough reason to purchase a companion dog from them.  

Here are some tips for getting your next pup…click on the link.

Another Link on Pet Store Puppies…Click Here.

And now, a video of a precious little pomeranian rescue:  Enjoy!

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Table Scraps… The Truth Revealed!

Hi Loyal Readers!  Welcome back to the Biscuit Blog.  Tonight we are discussing “people food”.  Tonight’s post is brought to you by Maddi Young, a fabulous pug who LOVES Pumpkin! Maddi is going to be featured as a Dog of the Blog as soon as she has time for the formal interview…She’s extremely busy and important!  


Maddi Young

Maddi Young



It always cracks me up when a new customer proudly announces, “My dog never gets people food!”.  I am forever perplexed by this absolutist approach to dog nutrition.  I always encourage people to LIFT THE BAN ON TABLE SCRAPS by feeding whole, healthy foods along with the dogs’ primary source of nutrition, be it raw, cooked, dry or canned.  

To be clear, we’re not telling you to give your dog pizza crust!  That’s a big no-no.  However, you can be very liberal with your use of healthy meats, dairy and vegetables in your pup’s diet.  

For safety’s sake, we will start with a list of things to avoid:


-Garlic (in excess, a little is fine…beneficial even!)

-Grapes and Raisins

-Chocolate of any kind, dark chocolate is the most dangerous

-Wheat, corn (we know that already) This means no PIZZA CRUST OR PASTA OR HAMBURGER BUNS

-Refined sugars of any kind.  This means NO ICE CREAM!  It isn’t cute.  Yoghund is fine.


Photo by PortlandGat

Photo by PortlandGat


Now, the fun part!  Here is the list of things you can and often should, add to your dog’s regular feedings.  This foods are loaded with nutrition, good fats and antioxidants…

-Root vegetables:  Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, etc.  (White potatoes are fine for most dogs, but some dogs may have an allergic response, so if you aren’t sure just skip it! )  Chop, then steam or lightly boil, then mash or puree in the food processor or by hand.  I usually do this in large batches and store in the fridge so it is always ready 

-Leafy greens: Kale, Spinach, Collards.  Lightly steam and add to your root veggies in the food processor

-Squashes:  Any and all, including pumpkins.  This can also be steamed and pureed with roots and greens

-Baked, steamed or boiled meat and fish:  Even if you are feeding completely raw or prey model, it doesn’t hurt to throw in some baked chicken in to the mix.  This also makes a great filler for Kongs and Canine Geniuses.  If you serve fish, leave the skin off.  

-Oils: Flax, Fish.  We use combination of these oils in our home, but the focus is on fish oils.  Look for small body fish oils with low or no heavy metals.  We love Spectrum Brand.  

-Plain, unsweetened yogurt:  We like Oikos and Fage Greek Style Yogurts.  

-Eggs: These can be served raw, or scrambled, etc. with or without the crushed shell

These are just a few of the many wonderful and healthy foods you can safely incorporate into your pooch’s diet.  Have a great night!

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Tonight’s Dinner

Just a quick photographic essay on my dog’s dinner this evening.  This was totally thrown together last minute and I’m posting this to show how simple it can be to feed large dogs this way!  


Bauer's Dinner

Bauer's Dinner

Bauer’s late night dinner:

Cage free, free range, local eggs

Greek Yogurt

Honest Kitchen Preference

Carrots and Cucumbers

Assorted herbal supplements for anti-cancer purposes


Orli's Dinner

Orli's Dinner

Orli’s Dinner:

Primal Turkey Grind

Greek Yogurt

Carrots, cucumbers


Honest Kitchen Preference

This is not their typical dinner, rather just a small snack.  Tonight, Orli had a Bully Stick* from our store to chew on, so I didn’t give her a full meal.  Bauer had his Canine Genius (similar to a Kong/coming this week to the Biscuit) filled with dehydrated jerky treats and Texas Toothpicks*.  On days this cold, I hate going outside and they seem to hate it worse!  So, I give them something yummy to work on to keep them busy and entertained.

*Our prices for Bully Sticks $4.99, Texas Toothpicks $16.00 (Merrick has some NUTTY prices if you buy direct). 

Thanks for checking in tonight.  This post is dedicated to my Dog, Orli, who totally counter-surfed today and destroyed a box of Earl Grey Tea.  Fear not, she did not consume the tea…merely pushed it around.  Hence the bully stick. 

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