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The List, Chapter 1


Sick little kitten!

Sick little kitten!



Following is a list of the top 10 reasons humans take their fur kids to the veterinarian.  This article was published in Pet Product News (Aug. 08), one of the pet industry trade mag’s.  I found this list online at Pal Dog/Pal Kitty’s blog.   This is a wonderful dog and cat wellness company, whose products we carry at the Loyal Biscuit Co

This will be a series post, that we will re-visit periodically.  It is ALOT of information to cover, so we will take our time, so as to avoid boredom.  If you have any particular issues you’d like to see discussed sooner, just add a note to the comments.

Let’s begin with the list:


1) Ear Infections

2) Skin Allergies

3) Pyoderma and Hot Spots

4)  Gastritis and vomiting

5)  Enteritis and diarrhea

6)  Urinary tract infections

7)  Benign skin tumors

8)  Eye Inflammation

9)  Osteoarthritis

10) Hypothyroidism


1)  Urinary tract infections

2) Gastritis, Vomiting, Hairballs

3)  Chronic renal failure

4)  Enteritis and diarrhea

5)  Diabetes mellitus

6) Skin Allergies

7) Colitis and constipation

8)  Ear infections

9)  Respiratory infections

10)  Hyperthyroidism

Tonight, we will discuss Dog Issue # 1 and Cat Issue #8 :  Ear Infections…


My ears itch!

My ears itch!

Signs of a serious ear condition:

1.  Foul Odor

2.  Excessive Head shaking

3.  Redness or Tenderness

4.  Balance issues

5.  Waxy, brown discharge


1. Poor Diet (Grocery store brand commercial foods containing Wheat, corn, soy and other assorted crap)

2. Poor hygiene

3. Ear Mites

4. Bacterial Infections

Tips for clean, healthy ears:

1. Clean Diet

2. Daily or Weekly ear maintenance, especially after swimming or rolling in dirt, etc.

3.  Avoid excessive antibiotics

So, there is a basic overview of ear issues in dogs and cats.  At the first sign of an ear infection, call your vet.  If left untreated, your pet could have permanent damage.  In some severe cases, your vet may recommend antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications.  Once your dog or cat is healed, we recommend a weekly regimen of all-natural ear cleaning.   This is also a good time to re-evaluate your dog’s or cat’s diet for any possible allergens.  Even a super fancy dog food can have a rare trigger ingredient.  It never hurts to clean up the diet even more, by going raw or dehydrated.

Well, that was amazingly boring, so let’s end with a pleasant video…

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