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Twiggy owns me!

Definition of Cute????  

T w i g g y !!!!  



Twiggy is a local girl with an equally cute and sweet family!  She is just a few months old and not yet 2 pounds, so we had one of our favorite companies make a customer harness for her.  Her guardian adores hot pink combined with zebra prints, so we made it happen!  Thanks to Barry at Bessie + Barnie for outfitting this little angel.  

We love ya, Twigs!  Have fun at Mommy’s Soccer Games!

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Nom Nom

This video will give you enough joy to get through the day.  Enjoy!

I cannot get enough Nom Nom!

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Finnegan Rocks our World today with his Awesomeness


Introducing  F i n n e g a n .  

He is a high fashion Metro Male with a penchant for high end collars and accessories.  In this photographic essay, we will share his shopping experience with our readers…



Finnegan strikes a pose!

Finnegan strikes a pose!



I'm very good looking. Fact.

I'm very good looking. Fact.



I wear fancy collars and I'm much too handsome for you.

I wear fancy collars and I'm much too handsome for you.


You've exhausted me with your paparazzi-ness.

You've exhausted me with your paparazzi-ness.

Finnegan had this great leash by Lupine, a sturdy little company out of New Hampshire.  They have a bit of a big box presence so we don’t currently stock this line.  However, the colors were SUPERB, so we coordinated it with a collar from If It Barks.  It’s called Troop B.  You love it.  We got a nice little shipment of collars from this FAB North Carolina company today…here is what’s in stock…

Fighter Pilot CollarOrchid Collar

Patriotic CollarPeacock Collar

Preppy CollarShortcake Collar

Truffle CollarSorbet Collar

Any of these collars are available in a Martingale “Limited Slip” style in 1″ or 1.5″ widths.  We will be placing our next order on Friday, August 7th, so get those requests in now!  

p.s. Leo, come get your new collar!

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Hike With Your Dog!


Here is a great Website about Hiking with your dog, with state-by-state guides!  Enjoy

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Our good friends over at RuffWear have written a great post about being Skunked.  I couldn’t have put it better myself!  


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Lost dog in Rockland

One of our customers’ dogs ran away from home due to Thunderstorm Fear yesterday.  She was last spotted near Route 1 in Rockport across from the Glen Cove Rest Area.  Please contact me if you have any information about this dog.  She is a Border Collie/Greyhound mix, black and white in color and is probably afraid.  I don’t know her name.  Please call 495 5269 with info.  Leave a message. Thanks, Lauren

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Minos and Orli…at it again!

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