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Brewer owns me.

This is Brewer, a 6 month old Chihuahua.  He resides in Rockland, Maine and is a carpenter by trade and a ladies’ man on the sly.  I’m gonna admit….I’m pretty in love with him.  He is very manly and tough, so his accessories mustn’t be feminine in anyway.  A basic red fleece shell by ZoomiesNYC and a rolled leather collar by Auburn Leathercrafters.  Two of my favorite companies!  


We love you Brew!  

Signed, The Brew Crew (a subsidiary of Todd and Brewer Inc.)

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Eider does a retrieve!

Eider, our little Wildrose Pup, is working a few retrieves a few times each week.  We keep them few and far between for several reasons: 

1.  A pup’s attention span is pretty short, so we don’t want him to get bored or distracted and have a failed retrieve.

2.  For a labrador, to retrieve is the ultimate reward.  If you send the pup on too many retrieves, they will either get bored or worse…obsessed.  We want him to be calm and ready to work, but we don’t want a frantic tennis ball fanatic.  

3.  You will notice in the video that we work retrieves against the foundation of our house.  This creates a barrier so that Eider isn’t able to just run around like a nutcase.  Having a barrier (like a hallway with closed doors) is a great way to set your pup up for success!

For more information on positive retriever training, purchase the Wildrose Way DVD at our store in Rockland, Maine or online at Wildrose Trading Company.

Have a great weekend!

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Ginger is TOO cute!


We are having so much fun today at the Loyal Biscuit Co in Rockland, Maine!  We’ve been visited by a Mini Aussie from Camden and this little gem of a dog pictured above is Ginger and she is a fabulous little girl!  She knows lots of tricks and today she got a London Dog Reflective Safety collar, made in the USA.  She also got a great little coat made by ZoomiesNYC!  

Come join the fun at the Biscuit!!!

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Chinooks take over my world!

Well, it must be Official Chinook Day at the Loyal Biscuit Co. in Rockland, Maine!  Rastro and Oakley were in (Chester and Zuchini stayed at home) to visit.  They are a large breed of dog and these guys are a lovely red fawn color, so they need to be extra safe this fall.  What a perfect time to pick up a RuffWear Track Jacket!  


Oakley aka Fred

Oakley aka Fred


Oakley and Rastro

Oakley and Rastro

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Oliver needs a home

Hi everyone!  Hope your weekend was as pleasant as ours here in Midcoast Maine.  

I would like to introduce Mr. Oliver….DSC02968

Oliver is a 6-8 month old (best guess) male cat.  He has not been neutered yet and we do not have a vaccine record.  He was dropped off in downtown Rockland about 2 weeks ago and a kind store owner took him in for the day.  She has pretty bad allergies, so she couldn’t keep him.  The nice lady who took him home discovered that while her landlord does allow dogs, she does not allow cats.  So, Oliver is still unsettled.

He will need a vet visit and neutering pretty soon, but is in stellar health.  He is dog friendly (after a day or two of sniffing under a doorway) and he has PERFECT litter box skills! 

Please email us if you are interested and I will put you in touch with his foster mom.  Thank you!

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Eider vs Bronco

We had so many fun visitors today!  Plover, Prudence, Clicquot, and many more were in to stock up on treats, food, toys and collars.  Bronco came to get his usual fix of raw foods and unprocessed treats and enjoyed roughing up our labrador puppy, Mr. Eider.  Here’s some footage of what went down…

This week’s Quiz?

Name three cat breeds that start with the letter “B”.  Post your answers on our facebook page.  The first three correct responses will earn a prize pack with samples with your next purchase at the Loyal Biscuit Co.

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Prudence of VHaven vs. Winston of Owls Head

What a FABULOUS day we’re having at the Loyal Biscuit in Rockland, Maine!  Today is officially “Day of Prudence”!  Well, for me, at least… I got to visit with Prudence the Great Dane from Vinalhaven Island.  Tonight, I get to hang out with this Prudence...



Island Prudence and Owls Head Winston had some serious play action in our toy department here at Loyal Biscuit!  Here’s some footage from the scene today at the Biscuit:


Have a great weekend!

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