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LOVE These New Collars!!

New to The Biscuit!

These collars are awesome and I am in love!  Made in Maine, the designs are super cool (I am rather fond of the Guard Dog Collar).  They are nice and rugged, but also super attractive.  Most are available in both quick release and buckle and grommet styles. The collection here at the store includes:

Belted Cow Collars

Belted Cow Collars

  • “Claws” by Rockland’s own Eric Hopkins
  • Belted Cow
  • East Coast Lighthouses
  • Maine Lobster
  • Guard Dogs in both blue and orange

Current matching leashes include Guard Dog orange and East Coast Lighthouses – more coming soon!

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Marityn Dog Collars are back in stock!


Orli shows of her new Marityn Dog Collar

Orli shows of her new Marityn Dog Collar



One of our favorite collars for great Fall and Winter colors is by Marityn Dog.  Yumi is a talented designer in Manhattan and all of her collars are made right there in the city!  Here are some photos of what we have in stock…


Feel free to check out the other available styles on Marityn Dog’s Website.  If you think your dog would look AMAZING in another style, just let us know and we’ll have it within a week or less!   

Orli wearing the style "Bubbles"...TOO cute!

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Finnegan Rocks our World today with his Awesomeness


Introducing  F i n n e g a n .  

He is a high fashion Metro Male with a penchant for high end collars and accessories.  In this photographic essay, we will share his shopping experience with our readers…



Finnegan strikes a pose!

Finnegan strikes a pose!



I'm very good looking. Fact.

I'm very good looking. Fact.



I wear fancy collars and I'm much too handsome for you.

I wear fancy collars and I'm much too handsome for you.


You've exhausted me with your paparazzi-ness.

You've exhausted me with your paparazzi-ness.

Finnegan had this great leash by Lupine, a sturdy little company out of New Hampshire.  They have a bit of a big box presence so we don’t currently stock this line.  However, the colors were SUPERB, so we coordinated it with a collar from If It Barks.  It’s called Troop B.  You love it.  We got a nice little shipment of collars from this FAB North Carolina company today…here is what’s in stock…

Fighter Pilot CollarOrchid Collar

Patriotic CollarPeacock Collar

Preppy CollarShortcake Collar

Truffle CollarSorbet Collar

Any of these collars are available in a Martingale “Limited Slip” style in 1″ or 1.5″ widths.  We will be placing our next order on Friday, August 7th, so get those requests in now!  

p.s. Leo, come get your new collar!

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Bisto, Liffey and Smokey are Awesome. Period.

Today, the super cool guardians of Bisto, Liffey, and Smokey visited the Biscuit to pick up some goods.  These three amigos are now rockin’ some If It Barks collars in the Bangor area.  Representin’!  So, the shopping spree was apparently followed by a fancy photo shoot.  Here are the results…





Thanks to the parental units of  the Bangor Trio for the wonderful photos.  We so enjoy your visits and hope to see you soon!  

These guys work with the Bangor Humane Society in Bangor, Maine.  If you are looking for a dog, cat or even a rabbit to adopt, then Bangor HS might have what you are after!

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Orli is cover girl for DDN!

Orli, my heart and soul, made the cover of DownEast Dog News for the June 2009 issue! She is shown in her Big Shrimpy Bagel bed in the window of the Loyal Biscuit Co. at 474 Main Street in Rockland. That’s my girl!


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This Week at the Biscuit 5.27.09

Good evening, Loyal Cust0mers!  We have some exciting new products in this week, plus some updates on some Biscuit Classics…

Walk-E-Woo TugRRR! Toys


4748Walk E Woo TugRRR Toys are made in the USA!  These toys are made with a silly-as-heck faux fur sewn onto tubular nylon webbing.  The TugRRR toy has no squeakers, which decreases the need for your dog to murder the toy.  Each toy is about 21″ long so as to maximize floppy good times and, ANDDDDD comes in 3 nutty color combinations!  Orli has been conducting extensive product testing and results are excellent thus far.  P.S. Machine washable = awesome.

Snook’s Tooth Oil


Snook's Tooth Oil $11

Snook's Tooth Oil $11


Ok, so you all know I have very strong, passionate devotion to the Snook’s Sweet Potato Chews and Chips.  Now, these fabulous Snooks have gone wild and made a tooth oil to accompany their snacks (or any other favorite chew snack).  Wild!!!  Basically, it is totally natural awesome herbal stuff that you can apply ( a little goes a long way) to your dog’s gumline and then set them free to chew on a Snook Chew or Bully stick.  Translation?  Fresh Breath and clean teeth without battling over a toothbrush.  JOY!

Snook’s Tooth Oil: Food Grade Myrrh Extract, Food Grade essential oils of Anise, Spearmint, Clove and Vit E blended in a Vegetable Glycerin Base. Rub on teeth and gums to soften and remove tarter. Apply with doggie tooth brush or cotton swab then give hard healthy treat (we recommend Snook’s Sweet Potato Dog Chips or Chews) to help remove build up. Helps keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. Helps freshen breath. 

Just to put some icing on the cake that is Snook’s, here is an adorable article about a rescued pig in Utah.  He LOVES Snook’s!  

Sojo’s Complete Dog Food Mix


SOJOS COMPLETE DOG FOOD MIX is a wholesome GRAIN-FREE pre-mix that you simply combine with water to create your own fresh, homemade pet food. Made with USDA freeze-dried raw Turkey and other all-natural ingredients:

 sweet potatoes, USDA turkey, whole egg, broccoli, celery, apples, flax meal, pecans, tricalcium phosphate, pumpkin, cranberries, basil, dried alfalfa, ginger root, dried kelp, zinc sulfate, vitamin E acetate, vitamin D2

1 lb. of SOJOS COMPLETE makes approximately 6.5 lbs. of fresh, raw dog food.

This is a great food.  Period.  Wonderful for dogs with grain sensitivities.  While most grain free foods use white flesh potatoes, this formula does not.  Orli has a potato allergy, so it is an option for even the most sensitive dog I know!  She has been eating this for two weeks with her Primal Grinds and she actually does a little “stomp-stomp” dance whilst she awaits her breakfast.

For Your Dogs Only Bagel Beds

A.  My sincerest apologies on the poor photo quality.  These photos were taken on a blackberry which I have no clue how to use.  Let’s be honest here, I can barely write complete sentences.   

B.  These dog beds just rock!  They are all furniture grade polyfill with sturdy cotton fabrics.  Totally machine washable and non-clumpy.  

C.  Made in the USA!  Come to the Loyal Biscuit Co on Main Street in Rockland to get a gorgeous new dog bed!  

Delivery updates:  

Memorial Day delivery schedules were totally messed up, so stock levels are pretty off this week.  Everything should be caught up this Monday and Tuesday.  If you are running low on food, shoot me a quick email or contact us on our Facebook page and I will make sure you have what you need!

Molly Mutt Dog Duvet Covers (for more info, click HERE) has announced a new fabric.  Because I have a severe weakness for stylish dog beds, I pre-ordered this line and expect them any day now!  Here is a little preview….

 Don’t forget!  Loyal Biscuit Fan Page on Facebook


That’s all for now!  Goodnight Biscuit-eers!

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New USA Made Dog & Cat Bowls!

Good morning!

One of my competitors referred to me as “Fussy” about what I bring into my store.  They said I’m much too picky.  

Greatest.  Compliment.  EVER!

On the note of being picky, I haven’t been able to find a stylish dog bowl that isn’t imported from you-know-where.   I don’t have a huge problem with products that are imported, but certain things are higher risk–namely ceramics and foods.  Then, there are the bowls that are imported AND have safety testing.  That is fine, but they tend to be a little “fancy” for my customers’ tastes.  

So here is the bowl that meets your criteria for simplicity and safety…

The Bauer Bowl


bauerpottery13bauerla_2049_31987171bauerla_2049_11997577bauerla_2049_40397112bauerla_2049_18913381bauerla_2049_9129176These bowls retail from $30-$42 with more colors being added all summer long!  By the way, how gorgeous are these bowls?   I can barely stand it!  Come by the Loyal Biscuit Co on Main Street in Rockland to see these pretty things!

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