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Orli is pathetic



This is what my dog does ALL. DAY. LONG. 

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Nico from CT = CUTE!

This is Nico!  He is a young Akita/Pittie mix puppy visiting from Connecticut.  He had so much fun playing at the Loyal Biscuit today!  Nico also is a new customer at Unleashed! in Fairfield, CT

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Best of Friends!

Minos and Orli are BFF.  Believe it. 

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I love this dog

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This is Happening.

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Snoring Bulldog Puppy

Turn up your volume to experience the soothing tones of Minos the Bulldog as he enjoys a little nappy time at the Loyal Biscuit Co

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Anti-Crap Regime To Be Continued…

Thanks to all of our faithful readers for spreading the Anti-Crappy-Pet-Foods Message!  We’re working on another post about Purina Pro Plan to coincide with the Beggin’ Strips are Disgusting Theme.  Sorry for the delay, but I have a couple of Home Visits for my favorite Rescue Groups lined up for today.  Beau Buddy Rescue and Lucky Pup Rescue  

In the meantime, enjoy the following ridiculously cute nonsense…

And, Oh. My. Gosh.  How insanely precious is this????

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Orli LOVES Barkwheats

We are working in the store this morning (cleaning, maybe some rearranging-sorry Marie) and Orli has spent the last half hour doing this:

I strongly advise that you come by the Loyal Biscuit Co and pick up a box of Barkwheats.  For more information, click on the Barkwheats link in the side bar or click here. 

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Loyal Biscuit Co. Playdate!

Good Afternoon, faithful customers!  This is some ridiculous puppy action happening at the Biscuit as I type…

Featured in this video, Minos the English Bulldog Puppy tries to “tame” Orli the Ultimate Mixed Breed!  What a brave little man!

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More Canine Genius Obsession

Orli enjoyed her Leos and Mike tonight….


Mikes and Leos

Mikes and Leos $12.95-$18.95 Made in USA!

Filled with:

Orijen Fish Dry Food

Orijen Fish Dry Food $2.99


Little Berry Bites

Little Berry Bites $9



Texas Toothpicks $16

Texas Toothpicks $16

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